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Injured foot

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BradleyPooper Wed 22-Mar-17 23:46:12

Dd2 (8 years old) stepped off a kerb day before yesterday and her foot landed on its outside edge. Since then she has been saying it hurts a bit about midway between her little toe joint and ankle, right on the outside edge of her foot. It's not swollen or red or warm, she's walking and running fine in normal school shoes and doesn't complain if I press it gently. There is a small hard bump there however. Today after school she said she thought it was getting better but now at bedtime (not in the UK) she says it hurts a bit.

I may take her to the doc tomorrow but I'm pretty sure we'll get referred for an xray. If she has a small break (which I doubt) or some sort of inflammation (tendon), is there anything they can do anyway?

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