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Does this sound like a bug?

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tallulahturtle Wed 22-Mar-17 19:51:22

This morning I drank a weetabix breakfast replacement thingy and ate some toast. Soon after started feeling a big iffy. Carried on like this for most of the day, I am a van driver delivering out of a shop so most of the day I'm driving. Got back to shop around 4.30 and carried on working (lifting boxes of wine typically) had countless bouts of nausea , just kept swallowing and trying to keep calm (I am emetophobic). Within about 5 min it subsides and I feel able to carry on working. I hate to admit I am ill and it was odd as when I wasn't lying on the floor in a panic I felt fine. Was sent home by concerned colleagues after I started sweating during the last nausea episode.

Am now at yard doing my horse and am making sure I only do stuff slowly and have breaks. Feel fine.

Does this sound like a bug? Food poisoning (the weetabix drink had a weird crust on the lid as if some had leaked).

Just wondering now if I should try eat dinner as really don't want to actually be s***.

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