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Constant Burping.

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charliebear78 Wed 22-Mar-17 15:13:23

Hi since just before Christmas I have had various symptoms that each lasted a good few weeks-Had lots of tests done already and nothing been found.
The one symptom that has remained a constant is the burping.
It can start as soon as I wake up-so not dependant on food or drink.
They are only little burps that no one else really notices-sort of come up into my mouth if you know what I mean?
I counted and it can be over 50 a day!!!
I do not notice it as much some days but its always there and starting to worry me again.
Doctors are sure that its my IBS.
However I have had IBS for years and never suffered like this with it-this as only been going on since Xmas.
Anyone had this?and did you find a cause/reason?

I was scared of Cancer at one point as I read some things on Google saying it can be a symptom in Stomach and Bowel Cancer.I know my stomach is fine as the Doctors referred me for an endoscopy but worried it now could be something to do with my bowels.
Docs not concerned.
I have developed HA through all of this and the fact its one thing that isn't going away worries me,plus its bloody annoying

PollyPerky Wed 22-Mar-17 15:20:14

Have they considered acid reflux? Burping is a common symptom of that. You could try something OTC like Zantac for a few weeks to see if it helps.

charliebear78 Wed 22-Mar-17 18:32:48

Thanks POLLY Would this show up on the Camera I had? Maybe I will try something like that-can only help I suppose.

MichaelSheensNextDW Wed 22-Mar-17 18:44:55

I had this, and was found to have coeliac at endoscopy.

lovechocolate123 Wed 22-Mar-17 21:11:21

Try gaviscon double action. It's really effective

sufferingicecakes Wed 22-Mar-17 21:13:51

I've had this since the New Year too. I also had internal bleeding and the GP thought that I had Gastritis, possibly with H Pylori. However, I tested H Pylori negative and I have got a lot better with PPI medication (Omeprazole). If I try to come off the meds my burping gets a lot worse and I suffer from bad reflux. It took a good 8 weeks to see an improvement but the burping is now back to normal if I stay on meds.

Soooo.... the GP now thinks that I have a Hiatus Hernia causing the reflux and burping. Polly may well be right for you, but an endoscopy should have shown a hernia or the valve not working properly. In my research I also discovered that H Pylori causes bloating and burping - have you been tested for that? Often they take 'samples' during an endoscopy to test. The other possibility that springs to mind is an ulcer but again that should have shown up during the xray.

I would go back to my GP and explain the severity of it. My GP initially said it was 'functional' but that does not explain why I have got a lot better eventually on meds. I can relate to the HA; I went off the deep end when I was bleeding and I must have seen 3 GPs before they seemed confident in diagnosis, but at least you have had an endoscopy so that must be reassuring.

CotswoldStrife Wed 22-Mar-17 21:21:21

I know someone who does this (burping) when they are having a panic attack or are really anxious - did you suffer from anxiety at all before the burping started?

It does sound as if you have been thoroughly checked over (with the camera) so annoying as it is, it is hopefully nothing serious.

charliebear78 Thu 23-Mar-17 11:29:39

Thanks everyone for the replys.
Suffering I had a swab taken when I had the Endoscopy and was told it was all normal-but needed to go away for confirmation-never heard back so assumed normal-however my Doc is emailing the Endoscopy unit to get a copy of the results to make sure!
I am planning to go back in another month or so if the burping is still as severe to see what the Docs say.
It does make me feel better that I have had all these checks-BUT with my HA it does plant the seed of doubt and that there could be something else.
lovechoc I may try some over the counter products.
Micheal I was tested via a blood sample for Cealic and it was Neg.
I never suffered with any kind of HA before all this but I am a worrier and always think the worse!!!
Thanks Again to you all.

wineandsunshine Fri 24-Mar-17 17:39:32

Sorry to de-rail your thread but I just wondered how it felt having the endoscopy? I've got to book one and suffer with awful HA. My tummy has hurt so much since last summer.

charliebear78 Fri 24-Mar-17 19:22:08

I did it without any sedation-I was in a real state at the time and just wanted to know what was wrong with me there and then-They do tell you afterwards once you have recovered enough from the sedation, but I just wanted to know there and then,plus wanted to come straight home afterwards.
Anyway the whole thing probably took 5 mins so its over before it starts.
A nurse was holding my hand and talking me through everything-He was fab.
It didn't hurt in any way but was uncomfortable and I did gag quite a bit when they were looking at the very bottom of my stomach and when they were removing the camera.
I will not lie it was not nice but was over very quickly.
If you take the sedation I am sure you will not be aware of much.

wineandsunshine Sat 25-Mar-17 17:47:24

Thankyou for your reply - I appreciate it! I think I will take sedation because the more I think about it the more stressed I feel!

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