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Toddler Teeth Cleaning

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Toysintheattic29 Wed 22-Mar-17 12:03:17

My daughter and I chatted recently to an adviser for infant dentistry. We were interested to hear hew views on cleaning toddlers' teeth as my 18 month old granddaughter has been using her toothbrush for quite a while now. The adviser told my daughter that she should make sure my granddaughter had her teeth brushed twice per day and should be held down to ensure her teeth were brushed properly. Whilst I am fully aware of the need for good dental hygiene starting at an early age, (both my adult daughters have only one filling each), I certainly didn't hold them down to give their teeth a brush. Is this acceptable or AIBU?

Ellapaella Wed 22-Mar-17 12:51:15

Well I don't hold my toddler down but I have a gentle hand on him as I clean his teeth, usually singing or pulling funny faces distracts him while I give them a good clean. It is also possible to turn it into a game so they comply. A balance can definitely be struck between not actually physically restraining them and ensuring their teeth are adequately cleaned with a little common sense.

oldwife Wed 22-Mar-17 15:26:23

It's a few years ago now - but I didn't ever hold my DS down to brush his teeth. I showed him how to do it himself and he did so. This was alongside 6 monthly visits to the dentist for check ups from being very young (toothless!)

Seems to have worked as he is now 19 and has perfect teeth.

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