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Next steps?

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samanthajayne17 Tue 21-Mar-17 11:25:39

So since giving birth to my 4th Child things have never been right with me health wise and then I went on to have my 5th child. So after having my 4th child I had lots of unexplained symptoms, I had test after test and everything was 'normal' apart from vitamin D which was extremely low so I took supplements for that but my
symptoms didn't improve. I was told it was anxiety but I've had OCD since childhood so I know full well this wasn't related to anxiety as I've always had anxiety and why only after my 4th child do I get these severe symptoms. Anyway my periods where very irregular coming every 45 days or more but before my 4th baby they were always regular 28-30 days. Even enough they were irregular I still managed to conceive my son who is my 5th baby. So after him I got my first period when he was about 3 months old even though I was exclusively breastfeeding him and then I would have spotting between my periods until my next period. Even now he is 9 month old and I'm still breastfeeding him regularly and I'm having periods and spotting. So I went to the doctor and she did exam and said cervics feels normal and send me for scan of my uterus and the guy said there is nothing serious showing on the scan which is good (no fibroids, no tumours etc) and it could be a hormonal imbalance and he will 'recommend' my doctor send me for blood tests but I've had blood test after blood test in the past and they all say they are normal but I have never been the same person since before my 4th. I don't feel normal! And I don't think this bleeding is breastfed related as I've breastfed before previously with my 3rd child and then 4th. I also have issues with my eyes and I've been to get them checked at the opticians but they just said they look 'dry' and nothing else. What can I do next to get to the bottom of this? Because I just know having more blood tests they will say it's normal. I have always suspected there is something wrong with my thyroid but I'm not a doctor and they said my tests are normal.. Could there still be something wrong with it?

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