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Can implanon cause weight loss?

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Seanmckenzie92 Mon 20-Mar-17 23:50:44

Sorry i know im not a mum but my partners health isn't how its supposed to be and she is a mum to a little boy of 4.

I dont know if im posting in the right place but i cant find any information on what im about to ask.

Okay, so my partner has been on the implant for just under 2 years. She went onto the implant to prevent another pregnancy and before was on the injection. But she is completely unable to gain weight, she has spoken with me and her mum about this to which niether of us know and is seeking medical advice about it as she is severely underweight for the average 25 year old. We live together and have meals together and work. im infact gaining weight but i lead a healthy lifestyle and go jogging every other night. Basically, im worrying for my partners health and she is worrying too. Ive searched for it and cannot find any real information about it the only thing that comes trumps is how to lose weight while on the implant. But is it possible to lose weight due to being on the implant?

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