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Not sure if I should go back to dr

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TitsalinaBumSquash Mon 20-Mar-17 13:19:42

I went to the GO last Tuesday with shortness of breath, tight feeling on my chest and a very mild ache in my upper left chest/shoulder and bad dizziness.
She promptly sent me to an Adsense to ward at the hospital and I stayed until Friday, they did a CT scan to rule out blood clot and an Echocardiogram to rule out leaking valves due to family history.
The end diagnosis was acute pericarditis and the dr said to take anti inflammatories and although I shouldn't do anything too strenuous I was ok to potter around and take gentle exercise.
While I was there the nurse also did a set of peak flows which were apparently very low (150 - 170)

Anyway I've been home since Friday and I'm really struggling with how tight my chest feels, it's quite distressing because it feels like I can't take a full breath in.
I don't want to be back in hospital because they couldn't find anything at all but I don't feel this level of struggle to breathe is ok, even at rest it's incredibly tight. My 02 days are still 99% though (I have a monitor at home!)
Should I wait it out with the anti inflammatories or go back to the GP to see if there's anything that will ease this breathing?

Apologies if this is obvious, I have so little
Confidence in my ability to know when I should and shouldn't seek medical help. blush

Ellapaella Mon 20-Mar-17 17:39:36

How did they diagnose pericarditis? If they did an ECHO did anything show up on that? Pericarditis is also usually evident on an ECG, did you have one? If you are still very breathless after being diagnosed with pericarditis I think you need to have a scan to make sure there isn't any fluid around the heart - personally I would be going back to the GP or even hospital for further assessment.

Ellapaella Mon 20-Mar-17 17:41:07

Sorry OP why do you have a home O2 SATS monitor? Do you have another underlying condition that means you need one? Only asking as it may be relevant, either way you need to speak to a doctor in my opinion.

TitsalinaBumSquash Mon 20-Mar-17 19:20:14

Sorry I should have said, we have one because DS1 has cystic fibrosis so I keep it update the hospital tea, when he's unwell.

I did have 4 ECG's a couple were boarder line abnormal but they said that might be down to my rapid , shallow breathing rather than an actual problem with the heart.
They were a bit sketchy in the echo details, they said it was unconfirmed if I had a bicuspid valve which my sister has because they couldn't see property but there was no fluid coming back through the valves which is what they were worried about (my mum died after a long battle with heart valve prolapse goring second lot of surgery to replace one of them)

The diagnosis was made because there was nothing else to see from all the bloods/ct scan/ecg and eco, plus with it being positional the dr said it must be that.
I can't lie flat or bend right forward without being unable to breathe at all due to chest tightness.
They also took a whole panel of bloods to check for anti immune conditions but never said what they showed.
I saw DS1's community nurse this afternoon during a home appointment for him and she said to go back to the GP tomorrow if not OOH sooner. I have to take DS2 to the GP tomorrow anyway so I'll book myself in at the same time and see if there is anything they can give me to relieve the tightness until it settles down.

Sunshineandlaughter Mon 20-Mar-17 23:38:41

Go back.
Have you had a virus recently?
Also what is your hr on the monitor?

Sunshineandlaughter Mon 20-Mar-17 23:41:19

Random q but you don't suffer from heartburn?! I sometimes get tightness from that...

Sunshineandlaughter Mon 20-Mar-17 23:41:45

But def go back...

Shurleyshummishtake Mon 20-Mar-17 23:41:57

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

TitsalinaBumSquash Tue 21-Mar-17 10:49:29

I've seen the dr and she just said to double the ibuprofen dose to 800mg 3!times a day rather than 400mg but the d consultant at the hospital when I left said not to take higher than 400mg and it for more than 5 days! 😖

Sunshineandlaughter Tue 21-Mar-17 13:44:35

Well that's just masking the problem rather than finding out what's causing it...! Can you ask another dr or get a referral to a cardio appointment?

TitsalinaBumSquash Tue 21-Mar-17 13:56:14

Well after arriving home to get a copy of my discharge hospital letter, they have written that I do have mild aortic regurgitation which is what my Mum died of eventually (the surgery to replace it when it became severe!) they've and there was Q wavws in V1 reported on my ecg (anyone know what that means?!) but then it did go on to say all tests were unremarkable, it's also got on my discharge letter that I'm moderately asthmatic (never have been!) and that I'm taking daily omeprazole (never taken it!) I'm feeling pretty disappointed now in everyone that has so far dealt with this. One of the gps at the surgery who I normally see seems to be a bit more on the ball so I think I'll try and see her and ask for some clarification and a referral to the cardiac team.

Sunshineandlaughter Tue 21-Mar-17 14:54:31

Yes do - they need to get to bottom of it for you - walking around with chest pain not something you have to put up with and this sounds pretty slapdash/negligent!!

Ellapaella Tue 21-Mar-17 18:22:05

The Q waves in V1 could just be a normal variant for you - it really depends on how deep they were and whether there were any pathological q waves in any other leads. It's likely nothing too much to worry about however they shouldn't of put that if they can't explain what that means to you - really not good or helpful! I would suggest seeing your GP and asking if they can clarify anything for you by speaking to the Consultant that was in charge of your care. The mild aortic regurge will just need routine follow up at some point in the future, are you sure it was aortic regurgitation that your Mum had an not aortic stenosis which is usually more troublesome? Either way sounds like someone (either your Gp or the hospital team that were in charge if your care) need to run things past a cardiologist if they are unable to explain the relevance of these findings to you. None of it sounds like too much to worry about but mine if what they've put on your letter explains why you are having chest pain. I'm afraid I think you will have to get pushy and go back for answers.

Ellapaella Tue 21-Mar-17 18:22:58

Sorry for typos - stupid predictive text!

Ellapaella Tue 21-Mar-17 18:28:58

It's meant to say that none of what they have put on your discharge letter explains the chest pain.

val4 Tue 21-Mar-17 19:05:11

I was admitted to hospital month ago with chest pain and increased breathlessness.I have a paralysed hemidiaphragm which can cause breathlessness but this felt much worse than uasual. However , a chest scan showed that I had lung infection,pleurisy and attelactsis (partial lung collapse), so was on iv atibiotics for week. Don't ignore your chest pain. and insist that they get to bottom of it. I thought I was over infection, but still felt stabbing pain in right chest and tightness when breathing(no wheeze), worse when lying down. Went back to consultant yesterday(followup check up), and she said she can still hear infection and chest v painful when pressed, so she has put me back on antibiotics for 2 weeks and antiinflametory medication for chest pain(costochontritus). Keep following up chest pain.There has to be reason for it.

TitsalinaBumSquash Tue 21-Mar-17 20:17:58

My mum had the the aortic valve replaced due to it leaking backwards, I don't know the medical terms, it was during the surgery to replace the mitral valve that she passed away.
I'm glad nothing that's written in the discharge notes is serious or relevant, although I wish they'd told me these things themselves!
I'm going to call the GP I usually deal with tomorrow and ask for a call back and see if she can figure out what to do with me, I'm not comfortable taking high doses of ibuprofen and not for long periods of time, as was said earlier it's not making a difference anyway and I can't function with 4 children when I can't even breathe sitting in the sofa let alone moving around.

The doctor I saw today proved herself to not be particularly thorough or reassuring anyway, I was also there with my 10 yr old son who has a cyst on his clavicle, it's gone from being the size of a grain of rice when he was a baby, gradually grown in the past year, yesterday he started the day with it grape sized and pain free, during the day it's grown to golf ball sized and he's in so much pain, he can't turn his head and it's red and shiny, he has just finished a course of flucloxacillin but because he has a specialist appointment in 2 months time the dr said she's not willing to do anything as she can't just pump him full of antibiotics, he upstairs now, crying because he's in pain. Our usual doctor tomorrow may hopefully help to make him comfortable until the appointment or suggest something else, I don't feel confident that we were dealt with very well today at all.

Sunshineandlaughter Tue 21-Mar-17 21:04:31

Op always keep going back if you aren't happy - to a different dr if needs be. Go to the a and e if you need to.

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