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Petrified I have breast cancer?

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kayleighb21 Mon 20-Mar-17 03:40:09

For about a year , since I stopped taking the pill to try for a baby last January I think roughly, I have been having a sensation in the side of my left breast that something is either poking into or sticking out of it. It's tender and is worse when I lay on that side or have my arm down against my breast. I saw one doctor who suggested evening primrose oil. I then for pregnant last April and it seemed to go away for most of my pregnancy until the last month or so and since having my baby in January it has got A LOT worse. It is there constantly and I'm so terrified I have breast cancer, I was just watching the C word and she was 28 like me and I'm just so scared. ive been referred for an ultrasound and to the breast clinic now and my appointment is next week, but I can't sleep or look after my baby as I'm just so worried. I feel like I'm certain this is breast cancer and I'm not going to see my baby grow up. Has anyone had anything like this?

WhatWouldLeslieKnopeDo Mon 20-Mar-17 08:00:03

No personal experience, but there's a thread runnng at the moment for people waiting for breast clinic appointments or you'd be very welcome to join us on the cancer support thread.

I hope you get good news at your appointment flowers

Soutty Mon 20-Mar-17 19:05:01

Try not to worry! I had a lump when I was your age that turned out to be nothing but fatty tissue. It was particularly scary as my first biopsy was inconclusive because they didn't get enough tissue but the doctor I saw had a terrible bedside manner and didn't explain that to me, he just said I needed another biopsy because my cells looked "dodgy". How I got through the next week I'll never know.

I'm 46 now and I've had 3 lumps since then, all of which have been nothing to worry about.

Easy to say I know but there's nothing you can do so please don't drive yourself mad worrying. The chances of it being nothing are so much greater than the chances of it being something sinister.


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