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Ear problems- need help!

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user1472582572 Sat 18-Mar-17 23:58:14

I have the follwing ear problems. Any suggestions or advice?

-excruciating ear pain when flying especially during descent, where my whole face gets painful and the pressure is horrible: the vasalva manoeuvre and sucking on sweets doesn't work
- on/off cough where it feels like fluid is trickling down from my ear into my throat
- itchy inner ears, with the left being worse: sometimes it gets so bad that I get something to scratch it and my ear ends up bleeding
- whenever I get a cold, my ears feel blocked and I get the same cough: I can't blow my nose too hard or my ears pop painfully and I lose hearing

This has been going on for years: taking anti-allergy stuff hasn't helped either. Can anyone help?

Thinkingblonde Sun 19-Mar-17 00:18:55


user1472582572 Sun 19-Mar-17 09:08:13

I've been to the GP several times about this: they just said to take the anti-allergy nasal spray, but it didn't work.

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