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Broken back tooth

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onthettcbus Sat 18-Mar-17 22:57:12

A quarter of my back tooth broke off earlier whilst I was eating, there isn't any pain and it didn't bleed. I'm worried that It will have to come to come out. Is there a possibility that they can repair it? What would the most likely repair be, a filling or a crown? Has anyone had a broken back tooth repaired before? I'm so upset.

Amiable Sat 18-Mar-17 23:10:41

This happened to me a few years ago, an old filling came out taking part of my tooth with it. I was able to get mine filled. I,ve had no pain, no repercussions and apart from me being able to feel it with my tongue (it's a bir shorter than the neighbouring tooth) there are no side effects whatsoever. Only your dentist can tell you for sure, but I really would'nt worry, I am sure they can fix it, without it costing a fortune!

gamerchick Sat 18-Mar-17 23:13:48

Just make sure you get it seen to asap. Don't wait.

onthettcbus Sat 18-Mar-17 23:15:21

I'm away for a week at the moment so I won't be able to see my normal dentist for at least a week, do you think this will be ok or should I see an emergency dentist?

TreehouseRose Sat 18-Mar-17 23:24:13

Hi, I've broken two different back teeth, the very back one and the one next to it. Both had a significant chunk/corner. The dentist filled it very quickly with a white filling and I can't see or feel the difference. The second time I broke the tooth, I couldn't get to a dentist for a fortnight and it was fine, if a little rough on the tongue. I just kept it very clean in the meantime.

My dentist says he can repair most of a broken tooth, even when it's gone a little below the gum line on the inside. You'd have to lose most of the tooth you can see to warrant a deeper repair and that would be a crown which isn't a huge deal for. Back tooth. Most corners or even two corners of s tooth, even fairly significant, can be repaired.

My first repair has lasted 8 years with no ill effects at all. It didn't hurt at the time and it's never hurt since whatsoever. My dentist was very meh about it, said it's just wear and tear.

onthettcbus Sat 18-Mar-17 23:33:00

Thanks, you have calmed me down! I'm a bit sensitive about my teeth as my parents didn't take care of them as a child so I already have shit teeth, I'm terrified of losing them all which is why I've probably got more worked up about this than I should. Hopefully I can get it sorted and keep my tooth.

TreehouseRose Sat 18-Mar-17 23:43:20

Just get it looked at asap but don't worry in the meantime smile and keep it really clean.

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