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Peeling nails - any ideas? *pic*

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Merlin40 Sat 18-Mar-17 17:05:25

I try to keep them short, avoid alcohol hand gel (find this makes it much worse), use Sally Hansen strengthener and rarely ever wear nail polish (sadly!) - any other ideas? I bought some vitamin e cuticle oil earlier to try!

Kenji Sat 18-Mar-17 17:16:51

No advice, but mine do that too. It's so annoying as they're so weak. I'll be following with interest.

wotamidoing Sat 18-Mar-17 17:21:03

Random suggestion... I ran out of my handbag tube of hand cream a few years ago and was so desperate for something for my dry hands I used a little bit of Vaseline from the little pot I used as lip balm. Did that for a few weeks and it made a really noticeable difference to my nails. Worth giving it a go as v cheap option if it works for you!

Freshprincess Sat 18-Mar-17 17:27:44

I use this. Made a massive difference.

Spam88 Sat 18-Mar-17 17:37:31

I prefer OPI Nail Envy to Sally Hansen.

20nil Sat 18-Mar-17 17:40:44

Have tried all of those and the only thing that worked was Nailtiques Formula 2. Took a few weeks and one nail has never been quite right, but sorted all the others.

Leopardpink Sat 18-Mar-17 17:44:25

I asked my beauty therapist as I have the same problem. She said to avoid rubing anything into the nail/cuticle such as oils or creams as it will get into the splits and make them lift up worse. And to use a nail strengthener, put a new coat on every day and then at the end of the week remove with polish remover and start again. Keep them filed short and neat and avoid applying polish as removing it too frequently will make them worse.

BeanSprout79 Sat 18-Mar-17 17:52:28

I have the same problem and used Sally Hanson but I feel that made it worse rather than helped. I use cuticle oil and a hand cream every day and hardly have it.

lazydog Sat 18-Mar-17 17:56:33

Seconding 20nil's recommendation. Although mine started off way worse, so I began with the formula 2-plus. I think you'd be fine with 2.

BusterGonad Sun 19-Mar-17 14:06:22

I would suggest that your hands are submerged in water too much, washing up without gloves, vigorous hand washing, liquid hand soaps which are harsh particularly anti bacteria ones.

Merlin40 Sun 19-Mar-17 20:40:54

Thanks for the suggestions! I do wash up a lot in the sink, although do avoid too many hand washes/anti bad.

Merlin40 Sun 19-Mar-17 20:41:17

Am gonna try Nailtiques :-)

lazydog Sun 19-Mar-17 21:36:27

Even the nailtiques won't stand a chance if you're washing up dishes by hand without wearing rubber gloves. Make sure you stop that too! smile

lazycrazyhazy Sun 19-Mar-17 23:25:59

Mine went like that after I had gel nail polish applied and removed professionally. It was shellac but I know others who have used different gels and had the same problem. It took months for mine to recover and taking calcium tablets .

BusterGonad Mon 20-Mar-17 07:32:50

Also if you buy washing up gloves a little trick is to apply hand cream before wearing them, as the heat from the washing up water will really make it sink in, I don't do this as I hate the smell of the gloves on my hands but it's a good tip!

JT05 Mon 20-Mar-17 07:45:37

I have the same problem and have tried the same remedies, the only thing that seems to make a difference is a daily cod liver oil capsule.
It take a a couple of weeks to notice the difference.
It stopped taking them and my nails quickly deteriorated again.

bionicant Mon 20-Mar-17 07:48:39

use a crystal nail file it's much gentler on the edges of nail and sort of seals them also file the edges downwards a little

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