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Menstrual cycle gone haywire after giving up sugar

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LordTrash Sat 18-Mar-17 10:46:44

I gave up sugar for Lent - not fruit, but all refined sugars. Now, as a bit of a sugar fiend this has been hard for me and I had some side-effects at first (low mood, occasional dizziness, tiredness) but am feeling fine now.

However, yesterday I was a bit shocked to find that my period (?) had started roughly a week early - and was much lighter than it has been of late. I wondered about perimenopause, but all the women of my family went through the menopause at 53 and I'm some years off that yet.

Then I wondered if giving up sugar had upset my hormones in some way? Is this possible, does anyone know?

LordTrash Sat 18-Mar-17 10:53:11

On second thoughts, perhaps it's the 'Tom Hardy effect' as described on the current chat thread grin.

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