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Candida?? Any thoughts

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Joto369 Sat 18-Mar-17 08:20:05

Over the last few months I've suffered from stress which has led to increased anxiety however I don't feel depressed and Gp agrees this isn't the problem. I'm also in the beginnings of hormone changes at 48 but no HRT as no flushes and regular periods. However last week I suffered a bout of oral thrush. Never had this before. Other symptoms I'm having are:
Spaced out feeling - ok when i wake then gets worse but lifts later in day
Stinging tired and sometimes blurry eyes
Sluggish bowels
Increased anxiety
Lower tummy pain at different times of month
Always burping!!!!
Athletes foot recurring
No libido

Bloods done so far incl thyroid, folate are fine I'm now having blood sugars and vit d levels checked. Would it be worth investigating a Candida type diet for a while to see if this might help? Has anyone tried with effect? I think it's a combination of a lot but the thrush thing really threw me. TIA

Davinaaddict Sat 18-Mar-17 08:53:00

Yes I think so. I was off work for over 7 months last year with what I now believe to have been candida overgrowth caused by a course of antibiotics that damaged my gut bacteria. I still suffer with low stomach acid, and am on tablets for that but even so, if I don't watch my diet, I can really notice the difference. The GP's just put it down to chronic fatigue syndrome, and basically just sent me home with a flea in my ear and said there's nothing they can do. The last one I saw though, had previously had a similar problem herself which was diagnosed as candida, and she has now fully recovered. The same treatment has worked for me so far in that I'm back at work and able to have a normal lifestyle again, although I'm not yet fully recovered in my gut enough to come off the tablets.

I didn't have thrush but had had a chronic toenail fungus for years that I could never fully get rid of. But even that has gone now. I had a lot of the symptoms you mentioned as well.

The main thing for me is sugar (and anything processed as pretty much everything has sugar in it when you start looking at labels!), and gluten. I'm not coeliac though, I just feel like crap after I've eaten too much of it. Hope you feel better soon.

Joto369 Sat 18-Mar-17 09:08:05

Fungal toes! I have that too but didn't make the connection doh! Thank you for your thoughts. I will do some research on foods to increase and decrease and slowly make sone changes to see if that helps. If I can get rid if one thing it's the awful foggy feeling!

Davinaaddict Sat 18-Mar-17 13:21:25

I didn't either at first smile There are so many different sites about candida diets. The one I found the best is Eric Bakker. He seems to have a sensible approach to things and has loads of You tube videos. I've not tried his products though. Good luck! Hope you feel better soon.

InFullSail Sat 18-Mar-17 14:36:29

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Joto369 Sun 19-Mar-17 10:22:48

Thanks infullsail some interesting reading. I'll certainly take some of the points on board. My main issue is this spaced out feeling. This then leads to increased anxiety and frustration - I feel like if I could shake that off them I could deal with things. Today I've woken up full of sneezes cold and painful sinus so that's not helping!!!

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