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Womb Prolapse

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user1489353293 Fri 17-Mar-17 21:27:03

I had my son 13 weeks and 1 day ago now, he is my first baby, I have suffered a severe womb prolapse, I may need 1 of 2 operations, the first being to pin my womb back into place the 2nd being a hysterectomy, I am currently waiting for a gynaecology appointment, feels like it's taking forever, I really want another baby but am terrified if I get pregnant again my womb wont be strong enough or it will happen again, so what I am asking is, has anyone had this problem and gone on to have healthy pregnancies after?

Fauxgina Fri 17-Mar-17 23:01:14

I had a mild/moderate womb prolapse after the birth of my first. I did get pregnant again, a lot of women find it improves in pregnancy as your womb moves position to accommodate for baby. My second pregnancy was almost symptom free prolapse wise although it is worth now after I gave birth for a second time.

You can wear a pessary which will hoik your womb and you can wear certain types even in pregnancy if you want to.

You haven't seen a gynae yet? How bad is your prolapse? Are you still breastfeeding? Your body can show prolapse improvements up to 9 months after birth flowers

user1489353293 Sat 18-Mar-17 09:14:39

Hi thank you for your post, I'm glad it didn't stop you getting pregnant again, it gives me hope smile

where can I find the pessary you are talking about?? Do I need to get it from the GP?

No not yet I am waiting for an appointment to come through at the moment, mine is severe, its coming out quite far and when I'm doing the pelvic floors I can't feel it doing anything, no I'm currently bottle feeding, thank you I really appreciate your reply and like I said it gives me hope to hear stories like your where you've gone on to have successful pregnancies smile flowers

Fauxgina Sat 18-Mar-17 12:25:38

They were really quite happy for me to get pregnant again and said they would fix it all afterwards.

What is coming out do you know? Is it your cervix and is it coming out of your vagina or just down inside it?

Sometimes one of the walls of the vagina collapse, front or back, that's an easier fix to do but can feel like something is falling out but it's not your womb.

You can get different pessaries, the best place to get one fitted is the gynaecologists but some GPS will fit a basic one but you can get different types with a more experienced specialist.

user1489353293 Sat 18-Mar-17 23:47:53

See my Dr's are so negative they aren't giving me any advice or really explaining what is what they aren't talking about me getting pregnant again, they just seem to shrug me of all the time, it's frustrating when all I want is for this to get sorted..

I'm not sure as I said my Dr's aren't very helpful and I have seen 3 different Dr's to get different opinions all 3 shrug me off so I'm not sure if it is my cervix, all I can see and feel is something literally coming out of my vagina and it is that big and that far out that since giving birth I haven't been able to have sex or anything (tmi sorry) but that is how big and far it is coming out

I cannot wait for my appointment to come through (never have I looked forward to a gynae appointment before lol), I hope they can give me a pessary and I will ask them about it incase they don't suggest, I need something

What exactly happens at your first gynae appointment? Do they scan you?

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