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New to ESA

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FairytalesAreBullshit Fri 17-Mar-17 04:12:45

After some encouragement from other MN'ers, I've finally took the dive & applied for ESA, which was a long ass conversation.

It can be backdated 3 months, so hopefully sorting that out. I wondered you know you spend how ever long in the Assessment phase, if you get awarded ESA in the support group, do they backdate the difference between the assessment period & being put into the support group? If that makes sense. I think it's £70 in the assessment period, but £109 in the support group, so the difference is £30.

Can anyone explain how it works please?

I had to go for income related as I don't have the NI contributions needed. The person did explain it, it's annoying as I worked for 25+ years before I had to stop. So I have paid a ton of NI just not in the right period.

DH works, we've 2DC, will his income affect my claim? They're was confusion as I said we're 2 separate entities, I get no support from him at all. He pays the bills, I'm not named on the mortgage anymore as I had nothing to contribute when we swapped it. I'm sure I'm not on the deeds either as H was making a fuss about that.

It'd be gutting to have worked so long, pay into the system, when I needed help I'm not eligible because of what H earns. Even though it seems weekly he's counting down to when I can move out which is another saga in itself.

I knew it was going to be stressful which is why I put it off so long after work retired me. Now I'm worried I left it too long and won't get a penny.

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