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Sharp pain at the back of throat when talking

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passthewineplz Wed 15-Mar-17 19:08:19

Hi, I've got health anxiety after having 'c' a few years ago, so every health thing makes me anxious.... 😞

I've had a blocked ear and earache for about a week, which is bearable and assumed it's just a cold, as for the last couple of days I've practically slept all day and felt dizzy, with the odd sneeze etc.

The thing that is bothering me now though is that every now and again when I speak, I get an awful sharp pain at the back of my throat (just on one side) which radiates to the blocked ear.

I've had loads of sore throats, laryngitis tonsillitis, bronchitis etc over the years, but nothing like this sharp pain on talking.

Has anyone ever had anything similar? Google only brings stuff up for sore throats on swallowing.....

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