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Laser eye surgery tomorrow and I'm papping myself

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sems Wed 15-Mar-17 18:54:43

Any experience anyone?

I've never heard anything but good news but so damn nervous. The consent form keeps staring at me. Telling me everything that could go wrong. I.e. Loosing my bloody eyesight.

It's the right thing to do isn't it?

Bundesliga Wed 15-Mar-17 18:59:32

I had it done 10 years ago - best thing I ever did!

It was a bit tricky holding my eyes still for the procedure and I was very glad that a friend had told me to bring along paracetamol with codeine for after as it really did hurt about 20 minutes after it was over.

Other than that I woke up the next day with better than normal vision (better than 20/20) and still have it 10 years later.

You will be fine. Good luck!

Bundesliga Wed 15-Mar-17 19:00:27

You've got a reputable surgeon in a good clinic?

Borntoflyinfirst Wed 15-Mar-17 19:03:06

My DH had his done 10 years ago and also says it was the best decision he's ever made. He went to sleep for a couple of hours when he got home and woke up with better vision than before. It was better still the following day.

Be strict with your aftercare is his best advice. You'll need to use drops regularly. Make sure you do to avoid problems.

Good luck!

CalmItKermitt Wed 15-Mar-17 19:04:59

Yep. Best thing eye ever did 😄

Really sore afterwards when the anaesthetic wears off so pop some paracetamol and ibuprofen asap and you'll be fine 😄

sunshinesupermum Wed 15-Mar-17 19:05:44

It's the least worrying/problematic medical procedure I've ever had.

As Borntofly says make sure you stick to after care. You'll be fine.

CatsDogsandDC Wed 15-Mar-17 19:22:33

Also the best thing I ever did (over 10 years ago now). I did not find the operation a problem at all even though I'm a wuss and it was over very quickly. My eyes were no more than slightly scratchy feeling afterwards. Woke up the next day with perfect vision (almost good enough to be a fighter pilot apparently smile ).

FourToTheFloor Wed 15-Mar-17 19:25:36

Dh wants to do this but is finding it difficult to narrow down reputable clinics. Can anyone recommend someone in London and we'll start our homework there smile

Good luck OP 🤓 (< you no more!)

CatsDogsandDC Wed 15-Mar-17 20:55:44

Four I had mine done at Moorfields private patients section. Expensive but I have a history of previous eye problems including tear duct surgery so I wanted the best.

Hulababy Wed 15-Mar-17 21:06:26

I had mine done almost a year ago - on 31 March last year. I had mine done in Sheffield and had the ReLEx SMILE procedure done.

Its by far one of the best things I have ever done.

On the day my appointment was at 8:30am and I was walking out of the surgery by 9:15am.

The procedure didn't hurt at all. It felt a little strange - but definitely no pain. It was so quick. Afterwards I was given a range of drops, some dark goggles (to wear that day and in bed for first few days) and sunglasses - I needed these the first day and whenever it was bright for a short while. About 2 hours later my eyes began to sting and water. Again, not painful but uncomfortable. However, this only lasted about an hour or so and gradually lessened. My eyes were watery for a while that day and my eye sight was blurry and hazy but gradually cleared as the day went on - I could use my laptop and phone later that day, zoomed in. Buy the evening I could see - close up was still hazy but not long distance.
The next morning I could see really well. I had a follow up that morning and my eye sight was pretty much 20:20 vision, and much better than my contact lens correction had been. The follow up a week later was even better results and healing was quick and pain free. I did wear dark glasses for a little while if it was bright, but the sun sensitivity reduced with time. And initially I had some glare/halo effect when driving at night, I used to have this with glasses and lenses anyway but again it reduced - this has gone entirely now.
By the last follow up, after about 3 months, my yes were great and healing was totally fine.

Fantastic! It wasnt cheap - cost almost £4000 for both eyes - but worth every single penny!

FourToTheFloor Wed 15-Mar-17 21:31:22

Thanks Cats will take a look.

sems Thu 16-Mar-17 16:41:14

Didn't go to plan today. They only managed to correct one eye. They wouldn't clamp my right eye open as I have a very small eye socket, he did say I could have a cut at the side of my eye but it would scar: therefore I need to go back in a few weeks and have LASEK. Aw well. My treated eye is ok, little cloudy at the mo but I only had it done at 11 x

FourToTheFloor Fri 17-Mar-17 13:45:42

Sorry to hear that sems that it wasn't so straight forward.

piknmixer Fri 17-Mar-17 14:11:12

Sorry it didn't go to plan but glad you're not feeling too bad.

Can I ask what prescription you were?

I'm -7.5 in both eyes but just too scared to even contemplate it as I've had dry eye problems in the past.

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