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Low Dose Naltrexone

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graveRagenomore Wed 15-Mar-17 13:17:34

graves since 2012. recent relapse third time, really ill tsh not present t4 54.4 t3 37 trab positive tpo positive...start carbimizole 45mg inderel 30mg 10 days in and thyroid gland particularly a nodule hurts aches pulses its painful and it swollen to my ears i can't turn my head i can't even open my mouth..hospitalised 7 nights past 10. at my wits end panel of professional gps end surgeon etc i mention I'm not wanting RAI or thyroidectomy or chemo what I'm facing--- when LDN is having results for autoimmunities,tumours etc- I was scoffed off laughed at told its hocus locus to swindle hipsters and other trendy gluten free types??? yet my treatment plan is what 75k and replacement drugs for life. LDN is 5 dollars for 6 months?? please i live in sydney i want access to this treatment. Im literally broke, homeless sick and i feel like I'm dying or better off..after my planned treatment i can look forward to a myriad of other autoimmunity fails..diabetes,,lupus,,MS dementia. Cant spend another night in a physic ward. or dementia ward waiting to get even sicker. please help

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