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Can anyone help me with my cholesterol results?

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MissisBoote Wed 15-Mar-17 11:58:12

Have a phone appt in a few weeks as when I got my results over the phone the said is have to speak to the gp, but in the meantime I've done some reading and I'm now confused

Results are as follows:

Serum cholesterol 7.02 (was 5.8 in Dec 13)
Serum triglyceride 1.20 (was 1.04 in Dec 13)
Hdl cholesterol 1.99 (1.84 in Dec 13)
Cholesterol:hdl 3.53 (3.15 in Dec 13)
Ldl cholesterol 4.48 (no test done in 2013)

Can anyone help me decipher?

I've had cfs/me for the last 3 1/2 years ago no opportunity to exercise/so any cardio for the duration.

My diet is pretty good. No refined carbs, lots of fish /white meat/veggies. Limited added sugar. Maybe pudding once a week and the odd ice-cream in the summer.
No butter unless on weekly roast chicken or monthly mash. Rarely have cheese - perhaps once every couple of months.

I'm worried as all the results seem to going up.

Pleasemrstweedie Wed 15-Mar-17 13:24:21

If you have a CFS/ME diagnosis and raised cholesterol, ask him to test your thyroid function and antibodies (very important the antibodies).

Raised cholesterol can be a diagnostic for hypothyroidism, which is often misdiagnosed as CFS/ME.

MissisBoote Wed 15-Mar-17 13:37:41

Thanks - I thought they did run a thyroid test but can't seem to find the results on my printout.

MissisBoote Wed 15-Mar-17 13:42:08

Found it.

TSH 1.31
T4 14.8

No antibodies test though.

Pleasemrstweedie Wed 15-Mar-17 19:42:22

Any chance of getting the reference ranges for those thyroid tests?

MissisBoote Wed 15-Mar-17 20:47:52

T4 is 12-22 pmol
TSH is 0.4-4.0 mu/l

MissisBoote Thu 23-Mar-17 09:15:31

@pleasemrstweedie I have a phone consultation this morning. Should I push for an antibodies test?

I also have a goitre on my thyroid. About 5cm long. Scanned - all fine and no further treatment needed unless it gets too big.

Could this be playing a part do you think?

Pleasemrstweedie Thu 23-Mar-17 13:29:11

TSH is almost spot on, but ft4 is in the bottom 30% of the reference range, so FT3 will be correspondingly low, which is what gives you symptoms of hypothyroidism. There's a list here:

You also have a goitre. How much more evidence does your doctor need?

I don't believe you have CFS/ME at all.

MissisBoote Thu 23-Mar-17 15:11:53

Thank you - could I be this ill with thyroid symptoms? I'm a moderate to severe sufferer - classic post viral case. Also have fibromyalgia.

Bettertobehealthy Thu 23-Mar-17 15:56:32

Having read one or two of your posts .... (but not all ) ... have you had your vitamin D level measured ? .... What was it ....?

When you mentioned fibromyalgia .... , there is a possibility that many symptoms of fibro can be be caused by Vit D deficiency... indeed, some people are diagnosed with fibro , when in fact their problem is Vitamin D deficiency. I just wondered if that might be part of your problems ....?


MissisBoote Thu 23-Mar-17 16:14:46

Hi better - yes I've had my vit d tested as my part of the annual bloods - this is the first year its been marked as insufficient rather than adequate.

It's 36.6 so insufficient rather than deficient (range is <25 deficient, 25-50 insufficient). I'm now diligently taking 1000iu of d3.

Bettertobehealthy Thu 23-Mar-17 18:21:58

Missisboote I hope you don't mind then , if I talk about a couple of things. Your vitamin d level is really low at 36.6.

The level that you have called "sufficient" , is only that level which is considered to be sufficient to prevent rickets and bone problems. That is , at 50 nmol/L , it is considered such that you probably won't develop rickets , every other benefit of vitamin D , is not considered in that recommendation. Your actual level of 36.6 means that, if you were a child , you would have a possibility of developing rickets. Yourself , as an adult , rickets cannot develop , you are too old .... ( sorry about mentioning that ....! ) but there are lots of symptoms which may develop in an adult , including those similar to Fibromyalgia. In fact , Fibromyalgia is often misdiagnosed when Vit D deficiency is the cause.

You are taking 1000 IU per day , and in general , that may raise your Vit D level by about 25 nmol/L. So, it is likely that after about 3 months of supplementation , your level will rise to about 60 nmol/L. That is roughly about half the level that you really need for optimum health.

In my opinion , you should make sure that your blood level of Vitamin D approaches that found in healthy humans . That is above 100 nmol/L . To achieve that , you need at least 3000 IU per day.

Please have a look at many threads about this issue here on mumsnet. I have given lots of info about this.

Here are some of the threads. Lots of people with Vit D deficiency , how they supplemented , how they responded , how they are better ,


have a look at those , if you need any more info , just PM .

best of Luck ,


PS. If you get your vitamin D level to where it really needs to be , then other problems like thyroid etc should be addressed with more success.

I have posted quite a lot on this issue here on Mumsnet. Just search for my nick. Bettertobehealthy if you are interested.


MissisBoote Thu 23-Mar-17 19:02:19

I don't mind at all better.
I'll up my intake to 3000/day.
Anything that helps me live a more normal life, the better.

Bettertobehealthy Mon 27-Mar-17 18:18:51

I am pleased to hear that you intend to raise your Vit D level.

If you have read those threads above , you will see that daily doses are much better than weekly or monthly . Also , you may have seen that if you have absorption problems , then it is advisable to measure your level. You should not just assume that because you are taking " a particular" a dose , that your body will absorb it. This is a very important point. recent trials ** ( see below ) have shown that your body can have as much as 6 to 1 variability in response , so, you may have either more or less than the average.

I have not read all of your posts , ... however , if you have any kind of gut absorption problems , such as IBS, IBD, Coeliacs, Pernicious anaemia, Crohn's, Bile problems, Gall Bladder out, etc, etc , then, if you take a supplement , you should check that you are , in fact , absorbing what you are taking . Check you blood level ! Your blood level will settle down to a long term average , after about 3 months of the same dose supplementation , daily.

If you do in fact have gut problems , you should consider bypassing the gut absorption route. By taking a sublingual spray , commonly available , ( preferably 3000 IU per puff ) . I believe there are several available . Choose a quality brand.

In the UK , you may find a doctors resisitance to checking your vitamin D levels , after the first test, mainly because the assumption is , " that if you take any kind of supplement , then it will definately work as expected ". It will not definately work, because of that 6 to 1 variability I have just mentioned.

As above , if you keep your blood level above 100 nmol/L , preferably 120 - 140 , over the long term , try and maintain a healthy diet , with all those other nutrients that you need , then your body will have one of the necessary resources required to improve your health.
Best of luck


** Responses to Supplementation

IF you want to check blood level , you can send for a test kit , from this NHS lab , in the West Mids. Results are emailed back to you within a week. . They will test for the general public, BUT they do charge £ 28, if it is not doctor ordered.


MissisBoote Tue 28-Mar-17 11:53:10

Thanks for the update.

I'm now taking 3000iu a day.

I'm pretty sure I don't have any absorption issues - my gut is one of the only things I don't seem to have problems with!

I'm sure my gp will be happy to re-test in a few months.

Once I get the levels up should just continue on 1000iu/day or just supplement in the winter months?

Diet is good so I don't think I need to make any changes there.

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