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Bubblymum94 Mon 13-Mar-17 20:25:59

My dd has come home from nursery with head lice today. I check her hair every night at bath time because she has really long hair and I have an obsession with making sure she doesn't have them. The question is do I have to keep her off nursery tomorrow if her hair has been treated tonight?

puddingisgood Mon 13-Mar-17 20:27:37

No, although I would mention it to nursery.

Bubblymum94 Mon 13-Mar-17 20:35:28

I'm definitely going to say to them, I know these things happen but if I've noticed her scratching not even 10 mins after she's come home im sure they could have noticed children scratching and let parents know to check. Not everyone is so worried about it as I am sad

ThanksForAllTheFish Mon 13-Mar-17 20:44:07

Hopefully you've caught it quickly before that have

ThanksForAllTheFish Mon 13-Mar-17 20:49:54

Sorry posted too soon.

Before they have layed lots of eggs so it should be easier to treat.

I would recommend bagging up soft toys etc for a week or so and washing all jackets, bedding etc - frequently.

I would let the nursey know she has them but has now been treated. I'm not sure if they send out a letter to parents where you are (they no longer do so in Scotland) but it's always a good idea to tell them. You can but a lice deterrent spray
(By vosene if I remember correctly ) that should help stop reinfestation if other children at nursery still have them)

Bubblymum94 Tue 14-Mar-17 09:53:01

I'm in the west of Scotland... I think it's something they should be making parents aware of I remember getting letters constantly when I was at school about them but then they didn't tell us when chicken pox and scabies were going about the nursery until I phoned about a mystery rash we hadn't been to the doctor for yet (turned out to be thrush) I used hedrin last night and washed it out with teatree shampoo will have a look for the repellent spray. Thank you!

sadie9 Tue 14-Mar-17 11:40:33

Check the head in 3 days time and do the Hedrin again. We just had them in DD hair about 4 wks ago. Did the Hedrin twice and they are gone. There were 2 tiny live ones 3 days after the first hedrin. I also went over the entire head again after 2nd treatment in good light (at a window) and literally looked at every section in turn.
And pulled off any remaining eggs with my fingernails. Took close to 2hrs but it was worth it.
Found nothing alive after the 2nd treatment and have been clear since.
Make sure and go right to the edges of the hair and a bit beyond, with the Hedrin. The two tiny live ones I found were at the very front of the temples. They like it best where it is warmest. I didn't wash any jackets etc, just changed the pillow cases a couple of times and bought a new hairbrush. Left the old hair brushes aside for a week then washed them.

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