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Dizzy spells put down to low BP when i do not have low BP

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HowTheFuckDoIDoThis Mon 13-Mar-17 18:09:30

I have suffered for years with fainting spells, fainting rarely but i have the faint symptoms regularly.
This is always put down to low blood pressure.
Each time i got my BP done it was never really that low, maybe the odd times just slightly low. I had my heart checked and all is fine there. The doctor then tells me i just need to deal with it and stand up slowly. Despite me telling her it doesnt matter how slowly i go, the lightheaded is the same. No further action from GP.

I bought my own BP monitor to see if my BP drops when i do stand. It doesnt. In fact, it rises - not high, but higher than it is.
I have had a recent health check elsewhere and according to them my BP is fine. She insisted that i speak to my doc again.

The only thing this one could think of was that its possibly due to my eating not being regular. However, when i do eat it makes my dizzy spells so much more intense to the point i do fall. I smashed my head off the door frame last week and had quite a bump and cut, it stopped me falling i suppose.

Has anybody had anything similar?

Ellapaella Mon 13-Mar-17 22:09:03

You need to be asked to be referred for a tilt table test - this is often done through a falls and syncope clinic (even if you haven't had any falls). Tell your GP you have monitored your BP and it isn't falling when you change your posture and you would like to be referred for further investigation.

HowTheFuckDoIDoThis Tue 14-Mar-17 18:18:00

The doctor wont change anything. She said ahe disagrees with the other doctor for claiming that my BP is not low because of one measurement. Which i agree, but...i have measured my own and can say the same. She didnt take my BP today. She also claimed the other doctor didnt attempt my BP during an episode. I have though and again, i can say my BP does not drop. It was clear that it would have been a pointless arguement so i didnt say anything on that.

My GP is claiming it is likely vasovagal syncope rather than epilepsy (i have thought about this but did not mention it to her). She said shes ruling out epilepsy as she believes i would have been diagnosed by now.
Not that i want to be diagnosed with epilepsy, but i dont feel it should be dismissed so easily.
The fact i have suffered for such a long time and theyre getting progressively worse, along with epilepsy coming to her mind - i would imagine this would warrant at least further investigating. Maybe im worrying too much about it.

This is the same GP who said i am definitely not bi polar and if i was i would "literally be climing the walls". The next doctor i seen got me a fast psychiatric assessment which is ongoing and looking like bipolar.
It was at this assessment where the doctor there suggested i went back to my GP about my fainting episodes. I guess ill just wait it out for now at least.

From my own research vasovagal syncope could be due to a psychiatric illness, so i will mention it at my next appointment. It could maybe be looked at from that angle

Coffeethrowtrampbitch Tue 14-Mar-17 18:25:53

I would try to see another GP about this, get a second opinion if you can.

I had this for months and it was due to high intercranial pressure. In my case that was due to an auto-immune disease and treatable, but the pressure could have damaged my vision if I hadn't received treatment.

If you have no joy with another GP, try your optician. Explain the issues you've had and if they note anything abnormal in you eye tests I believe they can refer. My issue was picked up immediately by an eye exam so worth a shot.
Good luck with getting seen and also your bipolar investigation, it sounds like things are tough for you health wise just now, hope it doesn't last x

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