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NotAMamaYet Mon 13-Mar-17 11:15:52

Had braces when I was younger - but bottom teeth moved back and although I did have teeth removed they are horrible and crowded...

Top teeth are ok but not perfect, so - I'm considering Invisalign.

Done the little consultation online, and no closer to knowing how much it might cost apart from £2,500 to £4,500.

Hoping, before I maybe go in and get a proper consultation, someone might be able to advise me, give feedback or results, is it worth it or should I go the traditional orthodontic route.

(I understand everyone's teeth are different etc, just want some real life experiences before I take the dive). Thanks!

NotAMamaYet Mon 13-Mar-17 17:24:33

Hopeful bump!

user1486071876 Mon 13-Mar-17 19:24:03

Mine cost £4,750.00. I choose a dentist that scanned teeth rather than make moulds so this was a little bit more expensive. I also had braces as a teenager but my teeth moved back. I had an overbite which invisalign has corrected.

Invisalign was great for me as they were pretty much invisible although some people can still have attachments to their teeth which are very visible so I would ask about this at the beginning. Be quite pushy and do ask questions. I felt my dentist tended to underplay things.

I found the whole process a real bore - you have to remove the aligners to eat and drink (they say you can leave them in to drink but I wouldn't unless it is water as tea and coffee stains your teeth and the aligners!) After eating you have to wash your teeth and aligners. I work out and about a lot so found this pretty tricky but it will depend on your circumstances. I found evenings out hard as you are meant to wear the aligners for at least 22 hours a day, so a leisurely evening meal with drink was a problem. However as I did stick to the 22 hours a day the treatment was pretty quick - I think about 18 months all in.

Be prepared for the treatment to be altered along the way I had to have a second scan and the treatment was changed and this delayed it slightly as I had to wait for the new aligners to be made.

My teeth look great now though - you do have to wear aligners for life though at night so do be prepared.

I have Invisalign. Part way through treatment. I'm very impressed really. Mine will take around a year with weekly changes of aligner. Nobody really notices that I have them. It is a little annoying having to take them in and out but I prefer that to the prospect of fixed braces

NotAMamaYet Mon 13-Mar-17 20:57:31

Thanks for the replies!

User - oooooooft, that's definitely the wrong side of £4k but it was worth it for great looking teeth!!? I just constantly feel self conscious of my teeth... hate photos. Could curse my teenage self for not wearing the aligning brace..

IfYoureHappy - interesting that you say weekly changes?? Does this mean weekly visits to the dentist? I assumed the appointments would be monthly. Definitely something consider

I am changing the aligners weekly. Which is more than most do. The dentist gives me a box full and I only go to the dentist for a check periodically. Maybe every six weeks or so just so that she can see that all is going well. I also have a video of the teeth from start to finish.

NotAMamaYet Mon 13-Mar-17 21:55:59

Ahhhhh id LOVE the video!!

Good to hear it's not weekly trips. I think I may take the plunge!

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