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I hope my GP walks in dog poo for a whole week?!?!?!

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couldntgiveahashtag Mon 13-Mar-17 10:21:24

Last Monday I visited my GP hoping to get a referal for some abdominal very sharp pain and heavy bleeding I have been experiencing since my third child was born just 4 months ago. She did an internal examination, some swabs, said she would organise a scan. I felt glad it was being dealt with and returned to normal life. Imagine my surprise on a Thursday evening around 6.30 to be phoned from the surgery to be told I had chlamydia. I have been in a very happy marriage for nine years, we have three children together, we are the happiest couple I know. I have been having conversation after conversation, the tears we have both cried. It has tested our relationship to breaking point. The begining of the end. I have told his Mother, my Mum, my sister in law had the children on Saturday night so we could talk. I was hoping for a confession. He was so upset I could even think it of him. On Sunday, I decided I believed him and whatever and however I ended up with this, we would deal with it together as best friends as we always have. So this morning whirls around, get my older two kids off to school and who should phone my mobile outside the school gates... Only Dr.dopey. Turns out the test was negative after all and the results were misread. I don't have the fantastic feeling I thought I should have, that yet again I am the envy of everyone I know... It has put my relationship through the worst test, and I am glad there is a happy ending don't get me wrong. What if I had kicked him out of the home we built and shared together after all these years because of her mistake. Is all is well that ends well?! Because quite frankly if she could walk through dog shit for the next week, I'd feel alot better!!!! has anyone ever told you something that was not true?

terrylene Mon 13-Mar-17 11:29:27

sad flowers

MY DdepFIL came round from an operation, which was very much shorter than anticipated and been supposed to end in 3 days in ITU, to remove half of his liver (he had been diagnosed with cancer in the bile duct there). Only to find he was on the ward, with a jar of gallstones on the locker beside his bed.

We were confused. Had it been gallstones all along? Had they done the wrong op?

The reason that the op had been cut short was that the cancer was evident on his peritoneum, so there was no point going further.

The gall stones were someone else's. hmm

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