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Still in pain from childbirth 2 years ago

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fizzingwhizbee Sun 12-Mar-17 22:43:03

Posted this in postnatal health but haven't had any replies.
Hope it's ok to post here too.

I've copied and pasted - hope it doesn't do anything weird to the formatting!

Hi all

I had my DS 2 years ago and had a long second degree tear.

After about 2 weeks it got more painful rather than less. I saw the GP who told me my stitch had come undone at one end and was starting to "unravel" . I also had an infection. She phoned the hospital but they told her that they don't do repair jobs on existing stitches as it carries too much risk of infection.

I'm now pregnant for the second time and along with all the other usual delightful pregnancy symptoms, my fanjo has been swollen for months and with this, the reminder that it's still very sore where my stitch was.

Prior to this it mostly only hurt when me and DH have sex.

Plus, I haven't been able to wear tampons since having my son. It's sanitary towels only for me as it's just too uncomfortable otherwise.

I've asked a couple of friends who've had kids and it seems that it's fairly unusual to still hurt. I just thought I would come on MN to get a wider consensus.

I'm guessing that once this baby is born, I need to request to see a gynaecologist. But can anyone offer me their experience please?

I'm having a planned caesarean this time round for other medical reasons. So I won't be tearing again this time.

Graceflorrick Sun 12-Mar-17 22:48:05

OP, I would see a specialist, even if you have to pay privately to get in urgently. Surely the pressure of carrying a pregnancy has the potential to negatively impact an infected wound in that area? Not worth risking it imo. Good luck flowers

fizzingwhizbee Sun 12-Mar-17 22:51:26

Do you think it could still be infected from 2 years ago?

I have regular blood tests to check my lymphocytes due to a v specialist medication I take, so I'm assuming that would have picked it up if I had an infection.

I'm not an expert though, so could be completely wrong!!

UsedToBeAPaxmanFan Sun 12-Mar-17 22:53:43

I suffered with scar tissue pain after ds1 was born. In my case it was an episiotomy rather than a tear. I keot telling my GP and then a consultant how painful it was to have sex or try to use a tampon. I was fobbed off at first but saw a second d consultant who said I had Keloid (sp?) scarring. By this time I was pregnant with ds2. Her advice was to have a vaginal birth but get the episiotomy cut again and restitched which should sort it.

In the event, I had to have a cs with ds2 so ended up having a small op under GA when ds2 was a few weeks old which wasn't ideal. The surgeon cut the scar tissue and restitched it, she also injected something into the incision. Not sure what.

It worked. After a few weeks it was healed, I could have sex and use tampons etc with no discomfort whatsoever.

Definitely tell your Dr how much pain you are in and insist on a second opinion if necessary.

fizzingwhizbee Sun 12-Mar-17 22:57:38

Used to be that is so helpful. Thank you very much.

I'll mention it to GP and ask for a gynae referral. Although will probably wait to get the all rolling once this baby has arrived.

I feel so silly now that I have never mentioned it before to my doctor. I just thought it was 'normal' and something I had to live with blush

fizzingwhizbee Sun 12-Mar-17 22:58:06

*get the ball rolling

Iambubbles86 Sun 12-Mar-17 23:05:13

I've been living with it for almost 7 years, excessive scar tissue from rip at the back and a labia on one side which the stitching came apart and healed so I have 2 "flaps" where one labia should be. Doctors have told me despite pain on intercourse and inability to wear a tampon that its classed as cosmetic so nothing will be done angry

fizzingwhizbee Sun 12-Mar-17 23:17:33

Iambubbles that's awful sad can you get a second opinion?

UsedToBeAPaxmanFan Mon 13-Mar-17 03:47:00

Iambubbbles that's appalling. I can't see how they can claim it's only cosmetic if sex causes you pain and it impacts on you.

I had a slightly different experience in that the first consultant I saw said that he thought it was psychological, and that I needed psychotherapy to overcome a fear of penetration which was making me tense (!). I knew he was wrong and insisted on seeing a second (female) consultant who diagnosed the scar tissue within 2 minutes of examining me.

OP, it's really difficult to know what's "nornal" after having your first baby. I was in so much pain from sex that I knew it couldn't be right but it still took a while' to get sorted because my GP keot saying "just give it time". It's a miracle that ds2 was ever conceived as I think we managed to have sex about 3 tines in the year after ds1 was born

Having the scar tissue recut and restitched was the best thing ever. I have had no problems since, and ds2 is now 18! Please do go and get it looked at to see if something could be done.

fizzingwhizbee Mon 13-Mar-17 20:03:24

Yeah - I have no idea how DC2 got conceived either since it really hurts to have sex. But I've just been 'soldiering on' through the discomfort blush

I will definitely ask for a gynae referral once this baby is here.

I have private medical but I know it doesn't cover any pregnancy related issues. Whether it would cover this I don't know. But I doubt it

mayhew Tue 14-Mar-17 08:11:27

It's because of women like you that a gynae in our trust has started a perineal problems clinic. You can be referred from just after delivery to years later.

Eeffy Tue 14-Mar-17 08:20:39

It was 7 months before i could have pain free intercourse but that was after 2 procedures to cauterise the excessive scar tissue and physio for about 4 months to work on my pelvic floor and stretching the scar out (mine was a fucked up episiotomy) - i was also on the waiting list for refashioning (Fenton's) but decided not to go ahead in the end as although it looks a mess I'm pretty pain free

The point is you must get this looked at! And do not be fobbed off, help is available, do not let them dismiss you

In the first month my community midwife keep sending me back to the hospital so i was lucky not to get out of the system, but i did have several doctors say it was healing fine (it really really wasn't) so i can see how situation s like yours happen

Do not accept this! Demand to see gynaecologist and woman's health physio

fizzingwhizbee Tue 14-Mar-17 10:20:34

Mayhew I'm hoping there's something similar in my area! Fingers crossed anyway

fizzingwhizbee Tue 14-Mar-17 10:22:18

Eeffy definitely - now that I know it's not 'normal' I will definitely be doing something about it once this baby arrives.

My GP is fairly sympathetic, so I'm hoping she will have a little empathy and refer me to gynae

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