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Constant dizziness

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Racmactac Sun 12-Mar-17 21:56:02

I have been poorly since New Year's Day, nasty cough that just won't clear. At beginning of Feb I went to the doctors and since then I have had 4 weeks worth of antibiotics

I've had a chest X-ray which was clear and a sputum test showing a chest infection.

I'm still ill and went back to drs on Friday and was told well your chest is clear but I still have a temperature and every time I move I go dizzy.

They told me I couldn't have any more antibiotics but I am just not getting better. Any suggestions- I could just cry

whatisforteamum Mon 13-Mar-17 12:21:56

I have bad constant dizziness for six weeks following a flu like illness over xmas.I feel your pain

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