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Decided to try to be a bit more healthy

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kel1493 Sun 12-Mar-17 15:35:11

I decided today to try to be a bit more healthy. Nothing too drastic, just things like: eating more fruit and veg, doing salads for evening meal now the weather is getting warmer. Drinking a lot more water, and only drinking tea or water during the day.
Also by only having fizzy drinks as mixers in spirits, instead of drinking them during the day as well. Also less junk food (salted popcorn, salted peanuts and crisps are my weakness).
I'll still have it as a treat, as no way do I have any intention of giving up junk food or alcohol, I need something. It's mainly drinking more water and eating more healthily. Also light exercise.
I've tried in the past and lasted for nearly 2 weeks, then I gave in and had a glass of Coke 1 afternoon. This time I intend to stick to it.
Problem is my willpower is terrible when it comes to things like this. Does anyone have any tips on how to keep up this healthier lifestyle that they would be willing to share?

sadie9 Sun 12-Mar-17 17:52:59

My advice is make Change no 1 this week then add another Change next week. So this week do everything you always do, just swap out all fizzy drinks for dilutable Squash. Don't beat yourself over not doing anything else. Just do that. Then next week continue that and add Change no 2. Go for a 20min walk each day - 10mins one direction, turn around, 10 mins back. Week 3 do something else small but doable. Like just not having the crisps at lunchtime or whatever.
So it's not the all new healthy you, it's the old you, just with gradual but consistent tweaks that in 3 months time will add up to a lot of change. Seeing that you can do one small change will lead to confidence about other changes. You could try to find something enjoyable you could do for exercise that has other benefits, because you'll stick with it more easily if you enjoy it. A walking group, listen to an audiobook while you walk etc, a low impact class like a dance class for beginners, yoga etc.

kel1493 Sun 12-Mar-17 18:47:06

That's a good idea. I think I'm going to start with cutting out the fizzy drinks as that's what I'll find most difficult.
Then next week start doing some regular exercise.

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