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PMT getting worse with age - normal?

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PosiePootlePerkins Sun 12-Mar-17 15:12:32

I am 42 and am really struggling with PMT, definitely getting worse as I get older. My symptoms include feeling tearful, moody, irrational, forgetful, making mistakes at work, mind 'fog', snappy, and tired. As soon as my period starts I feel much better.
I am on the pill and have been for several years, as contraception and also to help my complexion (rosacea), although this has now been solved by another topical treatment.
I intend to make a GP appointment to talk through my symptoms but just wondered if this is part and parcel of getting older. I am also wondering if it would help coming off the pill. Presumably I won't be allowed it for many more years anyway.
Any thoughts/advice/experience gratefully received.

Greycat11 Sun 12-Mar-17 20:53:23

I have pretty much the same symptoms as you, got much worse in my 40s although have always had bad PMT. I'm not on the pill. PMT lasting longer for me now too.
Keeping topped up with carbs regularly helps a little so my blood sugar doesn't get too low. I carry oatcakes around with me when feeling organised.
Also high dose of St John's Wort helps my mood swings a little, takes edge off a little bit, and when feel sooo hormonal even something that helps a little is worth it.
Like you, feel so much better when I come on - so much more productive at work and function so much better all round.
I'm looking forward to menopause!
Will be watching this thread with interest, incase anyone can offer some insight.

PosiePootlePerkins Sun 12-Mar-17 21:47:55

Thank you so much for your reply Greycat that helps a huge amount to know that its not just me! I feel like I've been losing my mind a bit these last few months. I was wondering about something to help with my moods, I will look into St John's wort. Good grief its really crap what we have to go through! Yep roll on the menopause, I have no further need for my reproductive system thank you.

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