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Why won't my doctor test me for allergies??

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chuffinalong Sun 12-Mar-17 09:32:49

Hi, I have suffered from all year round allergies for years. I know dust and perfume are two of the things I'm allergic to. I have terrible sneezing fits some are so violent that I find it hard to catch my breath in between. I have excema in my ears which itches so much, I get ear infections (probably due to itching) but I can't help it!
I sometimes have these sneezing fits outside in say a town or shop, I also get itchy watery eyes. Funnily enough, polled doesn't seem to have any effect on me. I also get very itchy skin on the outside of my nose when In some cafes, or anywhere where people are eating. This can be very embarrassing, when I'm having a meal out and can't stop itching my nose! 😩
I've tried all the antihistamines and they all make me very drowsy! Even the ones that are meant to be non drowsy. I've been to the doctors and all they recommend is to keep taking antihistamines, they said that it's not worth allergy testing as it could be so many things. I'd like to know though! I could then try to avoid these things and not have to rely on tablets. I'd be quite willing to pay for the tests, but I'm not sure who to go too?

Musicaltheatremum Sun 12-Mar-17 09:38:52

The trouble is there is so much cross reaction with the allergy tests. For instance you may come up as allergic to one thing in the blood eg shrimps but actually it is house dust mite you are allergic to and latex cross reacts with certain fruits. Also you can get negative blood tests to things you are allergic to. The history is the important thing and blood tests don't add a lot.( I was recently at a lecture by an allergy specialist and this is what she told us)

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