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Ruptured eardrum and hearing loss

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yaela123 Fri 10-Mar-17 07:57:50

I've been completely deaf in one ear (SSD) from birth ( ink{\]]n} is a good article for anyone who's interested)

A few weeks ago I got quite a bad earache and found it difficult to hear people (out of my good ear). After 5 days of no improvement I went to the GP who said I had probably ruptured my eardrum but it should heal naturally after a few weeks (or months) and I should come back if it hasn't improved in a months time. It's been 4 weeks and is just as bad so I'll probably go back early next week.

Has anyone else had this?

Also, with the SSD I'm really struggling with hearing loss. GP said it would get back to normal once it healed but I'm not managing, being able to hear at all out of my left ear and my right ear being so muffled, very well. I can't hear my kids unless they speak pretty much directly into my ear, and even then it's difficult.

I work as a teacher and I've had to take a bit off time off from teaching (still doing planning, marking, etc) but I want to limit my time off as much as possible.

Any experience/tips gratefully received.

yaela123 Fri 10-Mar-17 07:58:55

Whoops! pProper link here

WorldWideWish Fri 10-Mar-17 07:59:24

I had a perforated ear drum when I was younger. It didn't heal by itself and I had to have an operation (which was successful). No problems since then.

danTDM Fri 10-Mar-17 10:12:25

Poor OP
I had this two years ago. It took about 6 weeks and then started to come back bit by bit. No sudden anything. It was horrible, really disorientating so I do feel for you.

'Otitis' or something it was called. I am in Spain and it is really quite common here as you spend all summer in the pool and ear infections are rife and lead to burst eardrums. envy

danTDM Fri 10-Mar-17 10:19:32

Oh, I've just remembered, I went back after about 4 weeks as I was worried nothing was getting better. The doctor gave me some fab antibiotic eardrops. They really sped things up I think.

AshesandDust Fri 10-Mar-17 10:26:19

Some doctors still aren't taking deafness as seriously as it should
be taken in my opinion - I have a child who is deaf.
You need to ask for a referral to ENT, OP.

KurriKurri Fri 10-Mar-17 15:24:55

My perforated ear drum took 6 - 8 weeks to start healing. But in your position with your hearing loss in your other ear I would go back to the GP and express your concerns. It will probably be fine, but always best to play it safe.

I agree with PP who said deafness not taken seriously - I had complete deafness for 4- 5 months (not a perforated eardrum that time) and I kept getting fobbed off - come back in so many weeks, then when I returned 'give it another 3 weeks etc etc'

My DDIL has single sided deafness (caused by meningitis as a child in her case) and is also a teacher - I sympathise enormously - I know she gets very worried if she has any problems with her good ear. I hope you can get it sorted asap.

AuldHeathen Fri 10-Mar-17 15:53:09

I had a perforated eardrum about 20 years ago, and it took weeks to heal. My hearing was deteriorating anyway - for other reasons - and it never got back to where it had been. However, hearing aids have made a big difference. Like others have said, it wasn't taken seriously to begin with, and I was initially told by ENT person that 'aids were more bother than they are worth'. I moved house and got aids from a different ENT specialist.

Work wise, I was doing group work with a charity (adults) and I did have to adapt how I did things. I had to stop eventually as said charity was unsupportive and inflexible. Do not let all this happen to you. You have the law on your side too.

yaela123 Fri 10-Mar-17 22:38:24

Thank you everyone

I think I will go back to the GP on Monday and explain more my concerns.

PPs who've said it's taken X weeks to start healing, how long is it before it's completely healed?

danTDM Sat 11-Mar-17 12:50:30

8 weeks smile, do get the antibiotic ear drops though, they will stop any infection and the ear will heal better. You'll be more relaxed then too, like there is a back up against infection.

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