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Severe Reflux What Next?

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Evenstar Thu 09-Mar-17 21:35:41

I was diagnosed with acid reflux around 4 months ago, although I believe that I have had it much longer as there is a long history of coughing at night which I had put down to my asthma, a sore throat in the mornings and problems with my teeth and gums. I am currently on 40mg Lansoprazole twice a day, I have altered my diet and am extremely limited as to what I can eat and drink. My doctor wants me to lose a considerable amount of weight, but with such a limited range of food (I am also gluten and cows milk free due to other health problems) and an under active thyroid it is a real struggle.

Today I have been for a barium swallow and been told by the radiologist that the reflux is very severe, to the point that my stomach contents ran straight into my throat when I was moved. Even if I can manage to lose the weight will that be sufficient to control reflux at this level?

Any advice would be welcome, I am feeling very low about this especially given I can't even tolerate decaffeinated coffee or a small glass of wine 🙁

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