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Recovery from Lletz

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Stefoscope Wed 08-Mar-17 21:34:46

Sorry if TMI, but wondering if any other ladies have experienced anything similar. I had lletz treatment for CIN 2 back in July 2014. Ever since I've been spotting a small amount of almost black blood for anywhere between 3-6 days before what seems to be a 'normal' period (which is shorter than it was pre lletz) lasting 3-4 days.

Around 6 months ago my period pain became much worse than it ever has been, some days I could barely move and Ibuprofen just wasn't cutting it. Also my cycle became shorter. Been to GP and refered to a consultant who said there was a sore, red area on my cervix but nothing out of the ordinary. They took my next smear earlier as a precaution and will book my in for an ultrasound. They said the scar tissue is likely causing a blockage and that's likely causing the pain. They didn't offer to prescribe anything to help, can anyone recommend anything more effective than Ibuprofen? Also GP mentioned the Pill could possibly help regulate my bleeding, has anyone found this helps? Again, they didn't seem very forthcoming in prescribing anything. I'm utterly fed up of spending half the month bleeding and often in pain, but it feels like the medical professionals I've spoken to so far aren't sure how to treat my issues.

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