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Fecking migraines

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nonameinspiration Wed 08-Mar-17 19:55:14

I have been prescribed amitriptyline and 20mg for the last 8 months has worked wonders but now it's wearing off so I'm going back to gp.

What's worth asking for? I can get sumitriptan but it makes me feel

msgrinch Wed 08-Mar-17 19:57:15

I wish i could help and advise but wanted to give my massive sympathy. Im struggling with almost constant migraines at the moment. Since starting a new office based job. Hope things get better for you.

highinthesky Wed 08-Mar-17 19:59:20

OP, when you say works wonders....are you taking it nightly or just during an attack?

nonameinspiration Wed 08-Mar-17 20:03:13

I take the ami nightly 20mg I just think it's stopped working it feels like the pain is breaking through somehow

Tunnocksmallow Wed 08-Mar-17 20:07:09

Could it be worth you asking for Topiramate? I was having weekly migraines until I started taking this. I still have migraine, but not as regular. When I do have an attack, I take rizatriptan.

SheRaaarghPrincessOfPower Wed 08-Mar-17 20:08:50

Gabapentin has been working for me for the last year. Similar drug to amitriptyline I think.

highinthesky Wed 08-Mar-17 20:16:31

Upping the dose of amitriptyline would be the usual next step, but depends on your ability to tolerate it OP. Sumatriptan isn't for regular use, as it can give you a "hangover" on top of your migraine if overused.

There are other options but do see your GP about increasing the rose of amitriptyline first.

highinthesky Wed 08-Mar-17 20:16:41

Dose I mean

derenstar Wed 08-Mar-17 20:23:01

Oh God, don't say that. I've been on 20mg of amitriptyline every night for the past 6 months. It has MASSIVELY reduced the frequency of my attacks, from 1-2 a week to once a month around my ToM. Thought I'd finally found a solution after many years of having my life turned upside down by the fuckers. Please don't tell me it ceases to be effective. Anyone else found this??

Catrina1234 Thu 09-Mar-17 17:13:17

Don't panic derenstar the dose of amitriptyline can always be increased, or you could try one of the triptans (Sumatripan or another of the other triptans) They aren't pain killers but they reduce swelling in the blood vessels around the brain that cause the pain. OR something to prevent them (Topimax) there are some good drugs for migraine these days.

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