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Daith piercing for migraines?

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RadiatorWatch Wed 08-Mar-17 15:22:42

Has anyone had a daith piercing for migraines and has it helped?

I like the look of the piercing anyway, so even if it didn't work it wouldn't be something I regret.

ArabellaRockerfella Wed 08-Mar-17 17:28:31

My daughter constantly suffered from headaches (almost daily), she had this piercing because she liked it. She has found that she doesn't get as many headaches. Now this may be coincidence but she is happier. So if you like it, go for it. I would be interested to hear if you found it helped too.

RadiatorWatch Wed 08-Mar-17 18:48:38

Thank Arabella, glad it has helped your daughter. I think I've got nothing to lose by getting it done.

nonameinspiration Wed 08-Mar-17 19:49:57

Just been told about this and keen to try it out. Chronic migraines here too

highinthesky Wed 08-Mar-17 20:13:04

Daith piercing for migraines? What a crock!

RadiatorWatch Wed 08-Mar-17 20:27:38

Did it not work for you highinthesky?

rainbowlou Wed 08-Mar-17 20:27:55

Maybe just massive coincidence but my daughter has had crippling migraines since the age of 8...up to 4,5,6 a month each lasting 2-3 days and loads of time off school.
she had the piercing last year at 16 and hasn't had a migraine since (touch wood!)

KingJoffreysRestingCuntface Wed 08-Mar-17 20:28:58

Yes, it totally worked for me.

Wouldn't be without it now.

Ohb0llocks Wed 08-Mar-17 20:36:35

I still get migraines, far less frequent and far less intense.

Mines a heart one preens

RadiatorWatch Wed 08-Mar-17 20:44:01

Good to hear some positive stories!
I love the look of the heart ones, but have heard they're really difficult to put in. Did you get your piercer to fit it?

DramaAlpaca Wed 08-Mar-17 20:47:38

My niece has a daith piercing for migraines. She says it works.

FortyFacedFuckers Wed 08-Mar-17 21:04:58

I used to get migraines almost daily and since my daith piercing I get them much less frequently, I definitely think it is worth trying to see if it helps you.

MOIST Thu 09-Mar-17 01:52:42

Mine works. I was getting them every month at the end of my period. Haven't had one in 8 months.

FreeNiki Thu 09-Mar-17 01:57:00

I didn't want to start a separate thread about this but on the subject of migraine, I have lower eye lid twitching during and after my last one. It hasnt gone away. Anyone else had it?

nursebickypegs Thu 09-Mar-17 01:58:11

I'd love to see some clinical findings on this or some evidence based knowledge. My husband suffers badly but is a bit needle phobic!

FreeNiki Thu 09-Mar-17 17:45:05

I had a quick google for stats on it as I suffer too.

Apparently nearly 70% of people report no change in migraine after the piercing.

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