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So the endocrinologist rang me, but I'm none the wiser really. Any help appreciated!

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DisneylandDreams Tue 07-Mar-17 18:35:29

Have posted about this before, so sorry if anyone's read it!
Last Monday I had a mystery appointment with the endocrinologist - I'd had a scan back in late Jan for suspected kidney stones. None were found, and I just carried on taking antibiotics for the flank pain, which eventually went away. The endo said a small 1cm benign tumour had been found on one of my adrenal glands - and said he needed to check whether it was functional (i.e. affecting my hormone levels) or not. SO, over last Tues, Weds, Thurs, I had two blood tests (one straight one, and one after taking a dexamethasone tablet the night before) and a 24 hr urine collection test in between.
Not having heard anything by this morning, I posted on here, and a couple of people advised ringing his secretary to chase up the results, which I did. The lovely secretary said that only some of the tests were back, but that she'd get him to ring me. I wasn't really expecting him to ring me, but he did, which was great.
However, although I'm somewhat reassured, I'm still not really much the wiser, hence this post.
He said that the dexamethasone test came back normal (fabulous), but that the wee test he didn't have back yet, as it had gone up to London? But the first blood test had come back with low cortisol. He said the radiographer at the multi-disciplinary team meeting was satisfied with the original scan, so they didn't want to scan it again, and that the tumour is 10 x 14 mm. He wants to do a repeat test (I assume of the first blood test), but I think that's not for a few weeks. So, I'm kind of confused. He didn't say Addison's - some of which may explain some of my symptoms - headaches, dizziness, fatigue, thirstiness etc. but I'm not sure that low cortisol levels would explain a rapid heart beat? Could anyone be able to enlighten me any more? I know it's cheeky to ask, and I know he's sending me a letter with the results in, but I guess I'm just quite confused about it all!

DisneylandDreams Wed 08-Mar-17 15:06:59


Godstopper Wed 08-Mar-17 17:20:36

Pheochromocytoma would explain the cardiac issues. Did he mention that word?

DisneylandDreams Wed 08-Mar-17 21:45:12

No but I've seen it around before. I don't think pheo's look the same as adenomas or carcinomas, so I'd kind of ruled those out. I know I just have to wait for all the test results to come back, but it's just quite difficult waiting, especially when I'm getting dizziness, headaches, thirstiness, and nausea. I just have to be a bit more patient I think! I'll take a look at pheochromocytomas again, though, thanks.

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