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Lump in breast.. Strong family history

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worrier1983 Mon 06-Mar-17 22:56:31

Hi guys,
So I'm 34 about ten years ago I had a breast lump ultrasound and it all looked like a cyst so no further action taken.. A few months ago I noticed a similar feeling pea sized mobile lump in the other breast wasn't really worried as it felt the same as the one I had checked.. Last week I mentioned it to the doc when I was there for something unrelated and she referred me to the breast clinic to get it checked due to family history. I went home and thought hmm I wonder how much it does feel like the previous lump I've had for years which is when I noticed that the lump I've had for ten years is no longer round and soft but more fixed and feels like a cocktail sausage confused on further inspection the whole of that side of my breast feels slightly firmer and like a bowl of rice I guess.. Sorry about the food references I'm dieting and I think it's coming out subconsciously grin anyway I'm now super concerned and wanted to hear from anyone who had experience or just knowledge of whether this is a bad sign or normal as I have my breast clinic appointment in two weeks and am freaking out!!

Halfbaked Mon 06-Mar-17 23:06:45

Did your GP examine both breasts?
I guess it doesn't matter anyhow as you have bee referred.
You can explain at the clinic and they will check it out too, let them know how it has changed.
It's silly to tell you not to worry, but something like 90% of lumps are benign.
If the previous one was a cyst then it's more likely that this one is too.
It's the waiting to find out that's hard, try to keep busy.

worrier1983 Mon 06-Mar-17 23:15:43

No gp just checked the new lump.. My mum had breast cancer at 39 and my Nan died of it when my mum was 10 and my great Nan also had it so I'm getting super anxious but I guess nothing I can do but wait

Mysillydog Tue 07-Mar-17 07:34:39

Good luck op. I hope you get a clear result, most people do. However, I think that because you have a strong history you would be eligible for a genetics appointment. I think the criteria is breast cancer in one first degree relative under 40, or two first and second degree relatives of any age. You may also qualify for annual mammograms, so you could ask about that when you go to the clinic.

MajorClanger123 Tue 07-Mar-17 11:13:37

I've recently been to the breast clinic and one thing they really reassured me about (in fact I got a whole specific leaflet about it) was how your breasts change as you age - granted you aren't 'old' at 34, but your breasts may certainly have changed in the 10 years between finding your first lump and now, hence the bowl of rice sensation. I'm 38 and, after 3 kids, one of my boobs (the one that causes me trouble - pain / lumpy etc) and was pretty much used as a dummy for my 3rd baby, feels so different now to how it was only 5 years ago shock

Seeing as you have an appointment at the clinic, I'd ask them to thoroughly check both breasts and also get you into the familial clinic (I think that is what our unit call it) - specifically for those with a family history.

Good luck - I won't say don't worry as I was a complete nightmare during the 2 week wait, but pleeeeease try not to google - it sent me bonkers!

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