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Pain in left shoulder and breast - BreastHealth uk??

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PopcornBits Mon 06-Mar-17 09:25:51

Hoping someone can answer some Q's for me.
Have had pinching pain in my armpit which eventually extended into my breast, over my shoulder, into my shoulder blade and down my left arm.

Basically the pinching pain got worse, and turned into a deep ache/cramp all over my shoulder blade and arm, I went dr's, had the nurse check for lumps and bumps, she couldn't feel anything so told me to go back after 10 days if pain hadn't gone.
I went back after two weeks, and doctor referred for physio, gave me Nepraxen which does nothing.

I have been feeling around and my chest wall feels lumpier than the other side, I can feel this is if I bend forward and feel under the breast.

I have found a website called BreastHealthUK they seem to offer a Onestop private breast ultrasound, a check and if necessary a biopsy.
Does anybody know this company or used them? They wanted card details before an appointment had even been booked.
They seem to book you into a private hospital of your choice that offers the 'Onestop' breast exam.

I'm thinking that I should probably rule out anything sinister now rather than waiting for physio to end and being referred back.

PopcornBits Mon 06-Mar-17 11:29:21


Imi22sleeping Mon 06-Mar-17 12:44:14

Ive had pain like this for a few years
it cimea at thr time of my cycle

Footle Mon 06-Mar-17 13:26:02

Did anyone think to eliminate any connection with your heart?

PopcornBits Mon 06-Mar-17 17:03:58

I thought it was due to my cycle initially but I'm on the depo & don't have periods, I've had the pain for nearly two months now so I'm assuming its not cyclic.

And no Footle they didn't. Doctor literally poked at my lats and down centre of my back and determined it was muscular, even though she had said that my symptoms in my breast were cause for concern, she referred for physio anyway.

I have booked another GP apt for two weeks time, I have no idea whether ill actually get a referral or be told to continue with physio.. sad

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