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Can anyone advise - period related

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littlepinkgiraffe Sun 05-Mar-17 20:22:32


I am planning on making a docs appointment tomorrow but wondered if anyone had any experience and/or could offer some advice.

I finished my period about a week ago, all normal except it lasted about 7/8 days. They have always lasted 5 days previously. Generally regular but can sometimes be irregular if I am late taking my pill. (I'm on the mini pill if that's relevant).

For the last couple of days I have noticed that I have had Light brown discharge / old brown blood maybe when wiping. Not a huge amount but noticeable. Then tonight I have been bleeding again, not really heavily but a fair amount. I have been able to feel that I'm bleeding (if that makes sense). I have also been passing some blood clots tonight, when wiping but also when urinating.

I have also had fairly intense stomach pain for the last 3 days, on and off through the day but definitely worse in the evenings and I have felt sick in the past 3 evenings. I have also had some aching in my back and my sides.

I'm not pregnant as haven't had sex since I finished my period last week. Only other thing that has changed in the last week is that I have cut down on smoking, probably cut my intake by half.

Does anyone have any advice as am starting to panic a bit? I haven't had anything like this before.

Comps83 Mon 06-Mar-17 17:31:20

You sure the blood is coming from up there and not coming out from your bladder?
I have a bad UTI and possible kidney infection (see my kidney infection post I just put on)
I was bleeding heavily and it had small clots in it .

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