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Told I need Hysterectomy, now scared!

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Hysterectomyhysteria Sun 05-Mar-17 14:49:17

I was told on Friday that I need a Hysterectomy, only ovaries to remain. I thought that is what I wanted - anything to get rid of pain and heavy bleeding. But now that I am faced with it I am terrified. Not of the operation but of afterwards - will my sex life be ruined?
How does everything not fall out??
Can anyone recommend any good websites to look at? Or tell me you had a Hysterectomy and it was the best thing you had ever done? smile
Thanks in advance!

Footle Sun 05-Mar-17 15:22:59

Look a bit further down the list of threads on General Health, and you'll see a lively thread asking about hysterectomy support.

tobee Sun 05-Mar-17 16:01:10

Hystersisters is a good website.

No it won't ruin your sex life. Likely to improve it, if your periods are like that.

Everything doesn't fall out. Don't know the biology.

It's completely transformed my life for the better. It's brilliant. Not one regret.

BG2015 Tue 07-Mar-17 03:34:34

I am also waiting for a hysterectomy. Saw my consultant on the 9th February. I was reluctant but after trying everything else I know it's the best thing to do. I've got fibroids and constant, relentless bleeding.

The Hysterectomy Association also have advice and British forums which I've found useful. PM me anytime if you want to chat.

I'm awake worrying, about all sorts of things, including my operation - hence the stupid time!

tobee Tue 07-Mar-17 16:37:27

Hi. Just wondering if you have specific things that you are worrying about with the hysterectomy, BG2015 or op?

StillMedusa Tue 07-Mar-17 23:25:35

I had mine at 35. Best thing ever. The pain and periods were gone, the heaviness from my prolapse gone, and tho I have a mild cystocele and rectocele they are a lot better without my womb pressing on them!

The op was fine (mine was abdominal , kept ovaries) I was taking painkillers for about 10 days afterwards and then healed rapidly. Went back to work after 6 weeks ( busy physical job) and tried not to lift my kids!

My sex life has been fine!

BG2015 Wed 08-Mar-17 13:00:14

I'm slightly worried about the GA as I've never had one before. I had a c-section with my first DS but I was awake for that. I know how uncomfortable you feel, wind, bloated, hard to turn over in bed, get up etc after abdominal surgery.

I want to keep my ovaries as don't want to go into immediate menopause. All my worries though are slight though, I just want my life back now. Fed up of bleeding and being in pain.

tobee Wed 08-Mar-17 15:40:52

I had my hysterectomy in June 2015. Conserving ovaries and cervix. I was lucky and didn't particularly suffer from wind or bloating. My only slight problem was the wound slightly seeped a couple of days later at home which my gp's surgery re dressed for me. Obviously, I was tired and had to take it easy but I'm quite good at that.grin

However, I had had to have a hysteroscopy and fibroid resection under ga 7 months before and I was terrified. So much so that at my pre operative check up I failed it because my heart rate was so high and was prescribed beta blockers and passed the next check some weeks later. Because of my anxiety over previous examinations I was also given some Valium which I could have taken up to a few hours before the ga. In the end I was more worried about the Valium and didn't take it. Anyway, when the surgery came for the hysterectomy I was much less scared. The anaesthetic was quite light and they gave me a spinal as well so my recovery was quick. I was eating lunch a couple of hours after coming round.

Anyway, what I'm trying to say is I'd advise you to look at hystersisters website as it's specifically all about hysterectomies, do searches on mumsnet for previous posts; there's loads of good personal info about what to take with you, how you'll feel after. Speak to your gp and the surgeon beforehand and the nurse at the pre op for the medical info, maybe taking a list of your specific worries. And, on the day, don't feel shy to tell the nurses, surgeon, juniors and anaesthetists that you are anxious. Hopefully they should be very understanding and well used to people feeling similarly. It's ridiculous because I actually look back fondly at the operation and recovery. And having an end to my period horrors really is life changing. No more debilitating anemia symptoms, no more fear of flooding when out and about. No more expensive san pro!!

pilates Wed 08-Mar-17 17:20:38

Best thing I ever did ... I got my life back smile

Hysterectomyhysteria Wed 08-Mar-17 18:45:22

Thank you for your replies, I must admit that I am feeling much happier about the situation. Which is silly because I have begged for this operation before, it's just now that it is a possibility I am worried.
Also I don't have a date for my operation yet but I do have an appointment for my pre op assessment - how long are these usually before the actual operation?

BG2015 Wed 08-Mar-17 19:58:54

Lucky you, I haven't even got a pre op assessment appointment yet. I saw the consultant on the 9th Feb. I'm in Staffordshire

SloanyAnne Wed 08-Mar-17 20:05:28

I had mine with a spinal and sedation a couple of years ago. I've had 2 GAs since then and although both were fine, I'd go for the spinal if I had to choose. It was like an epidural then they pop the sedative in and you go to sleep and in what seems like a click of the fingers you're wide awake again with absolutely no grogginess or nausea.

Juveniledelinquent Wed 08-Mar-17 20:06:48

I joined Hystersisters and found it very useful. They don't leave you that long between pre-op and surgery, in case things change.

Three pieces of advice:

I asked my doctor for a laxative to take in with me. I used Laxido and it was amazing. The last thing you want is constipation after a hysterectomy.

Secondly, once you wake up and feel ok, drink plenty of water. My DH brought in a stack of small bottles of water for me and I set to, drinking as much as I could. This helps your bowels and also gets your bladder working again. They won't let you go home until you've had a good few normal wees.

Thirdly, don't do anything once you get home. Get your feet up and rest. Accept all the help offered. Get everyone onboard with looking after you. Don't lift anything. Start having short walks as soon as you feel able and gradually increase the distance.

Good luck you'll be fine. flowers

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