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Told I need Hysterectomy, now scared!

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Hysterectomyhysteria Sun 05-Mar-17 14:49:15

I was told on Friday that I need a Hysterectomy, only ovaries to remain. I thought that is what I wanted - anything to get rid of pain and heavy bleeding. But now that I am faced with it I am terrified. Not of the operation but of afterwards - will my sex life be ruined?
How does everything not fall out??
Can anyone recommend any good websites to look at? Or tell me you had a Hysterectomy and it was the best thing you had ever done? smile
Thanks in advance!

ALemonyPea Sun 05-Mar-17 14:57:52

I had a hysterectomy two weeks ago, and it's been good going so far. Recovery is slow, as it's a major operation, so expect that.

I was the same as you, knew I needed one, then when I got the appointment for it I freaked out and nearly cancelled, but living with my awful periods wasn't an option any more, it was making me so down.

Good luck.

Hysterectomyhysteria Sun 05-Mar-17 15:03:37

Thanks for replying. I don't have anyone in RL to talk to apart from DH who doesn't think there is any problem with a Hysterectomy!
Can I ask if you were worried about your future sex life? I have read conflicting things about the possibility of never being able to orgasm again sad

ALemonyPea Sun 05-Mar-17 15:59:17

I was worried that I wouldn't feel like having sex any more, that my libido would be out the window, but, I am struggling not having sex as DH and I have a very active sex life and even though I'm sore and uncomfortable, I could quite easily have sex. Have to wait 6 weeks post op, only 3 weeks 5 days to go haha. I suppose we could do other stuff, but I'm still tender, so will wait a bit longer.

I am slightly concerned about it hurting when we do have sex, I'm worried that my vagina will somehow be short, but the surgeon never mentioned having to cut anything away other than my cervix, so I'm assuming all is ok.

I started a thread when I had mine done, it's here if you'd like to read it. Some very helpful advice.

tobee Sun 05-Mar-17 16:02:55

See my post of other thread you started op

DayToDayGlobalShit Sun 05-Mar-17 16:46:04

Best thing I ever had done. Also ovaries and cervix removed. No effect whatsoever on sex life. My recovery was text book and I have never looked back. Good luck

Hysterectomyhysteria Mon 06-Mar-17 10:53:54

Thank you so much for all your replies, they really have helped. It is all such an unknown subject for me.

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