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So tired all the time!

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MycatsaPirate Fri 03-Mar-17 14:47:34

Back story on health is this.

Spinal surgery 3 years ago and last year. Bottom disc has now been fused and I was feeling ok up until a month ago but then had a pretty bad fall outside and back and sciatic pain has increased massively. I have seen my consultant and I'm booked in for an MRI with dye being put through my system to see if the disc above has been affected - there was already a tear in it.

My meds are being changed - 25mg of pregablin twice daily is now 25mg three times a day with a slow increase to 50mg three times a day. So far no change in pain levels and I'm just beyond exhausted all the time.

I normally fall asleep between 12.30 and 1am depending on pain levels. I get up at 7am to get DD up for school and then go back to bed around 9am and sleep until about 11am (I set the alarm). I am sitting here half asleep and just so so tired. All I done is go food shopping with DP (he did all the lifting/carrying) and washed up a few dishes.

Walking is just draining me, going out anywhere means me going back to bed as soon as we get home and falling asleep immediately.

Is this more than just meds and pain? I feel useless.

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