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Ovarian Cyst and PID

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bonzo77 Thu 02-Mar-17 20:36:15

Last Sunday I was admitted to hospital and treated for pelvic inflammatory disease caused by a copper coil that had moved. The coil is now out and I feel much better. But... when they did the ultrasound they found a big cyst. My Ca25 was up (77) but the dr didn't find it a concern in the circumstances. But I need and MRI and my case has to go through a multi disciplinary team meeting before surgery can happen. It will be open surgery due to 3 previous csections and I'm almost certainly going to lose the ovary due to the size of the cyst and to prevent recurrence.

Anyone had similar? Experiences with raised ca25 that were not cancer? Recovery times? Pain after? Reassurances? I'm self employed, have 3 small DC and a DH who can get time off to support but probably unpaid. Family will help too.

MTMFH Thu 02-Mar-17 21:52:39

I had a complex ovarian cyst 5 years ago, and a raised CA-125 found to be caused by endometriosis. Think it was around 6cm from memory. I had open surgery, when I woke up I had a catheter and drain. Pain wise, I had very little, it was more the fact I couldn't laugh/cough/sneeze without having to hold a pillow to my abdomen (guess that's what it's like after a section too?). The catheter was out after a couple of days, was home after 4 days. I was off work 6 weeks but my job was pretty physical.

Could be you have endometriosis? Was it mentioned?

bonzo77 Thu 02-Mar-17 22:09:33

Wow, thank you. That's useful and reassuring. Yes, endometriosis was mentioned. In 2002 I was investigated for it and it was ruled out but I could have developed it later. The consultant said it was probably an "endometrioma" but couldn't confirm at this stage. Thought that the likelihood of cancer was very low. Still a little worried. My job is slightly physical (dentist). After my csections I was pretty much back to normal after 2 weeks, so had assumed this would be similar (harder surgery due to adhesions but easier recovery as no newborn too cuddle and feed in the night). Maybe not.

MTMFH Thu 02-Mar-17 22:53:57

You might find you recover in a similar way and timescale to your c sections. I think it's normal to worry, I remember feeling really scared even though my consultant was pretty certain it was endo. They put me on the fast track pathway just in case so I was seen quickly, as they couldn't be sure it wasn't anything sinister until they got in there.

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