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Anyone with these symptoms?

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rackhampearl Wed 01-Mar-17 21:35:38

I know not to look to the internet for answers about Health issues but I have an appointment with my dr on Friday as something has come back in my blood tests that he wants to discuss. Just wondered if my symptoms are familiar with any of you and if you have a diagnosis for them. My symptoms are : fatigue, grinding joints, sore hips, sinisitis, pityriasis roscea, one eye small than the other especially when tired, no periods, aching uterus, ankles going as I'm going up and down stairs, jaw locking, pain in back of head when laughing or bending down. Does anybody else have any of these symptoms and are they related? I keep thinking they must be as I live a Healthy lifestyle, non smoker, non drinker, plenty of exercise and sleep ect. I feel like I'm falling apart. Any ideas? TIA

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