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Surgery to repair septum

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Badders123 Wed 01-Mar-17 19:18:04

My dh has FINALLY been to see a dr about his inability to breathe through his nose
The consultant was horrified
He has a "grossly deviated septum" and a herniated something the other side
He has a ct scan and we are going back for results tomorrow wrt corrective surgery
Has anyone had this and how was the op and recovery time?

Okite Wed 01-Mar-17 21:47:42

Yes I have. It wasn't massively successful I have to say. I had an extremely deviated septum and it was straightened out quite well but because I'd always had it (as opposed to resulting from an accident say), the outer bit of my nostril (don't know the correct term) had grown inwards on the side the septum leant away from, so when the septum was straightened, it just blocked off the previously clear nostril. I had a further op to try and help several years later and it improved things by 10-15% I'd say. So one nostril is still 60/70% blocked and I had to go through two ops to get there!
With regards recovery, I was in overnight just because the op was done quite late in the day. You do end up quite bruised and have your nose packed with dressings like tampons, it's really unpleasant having that removed. I vaguely remember having to do saline washes of my nose for a week To keep it clean. I had dissolvable stitches so didn't need anything further on that. I had a week off work I think and dosed up on codeine, it was initially very painful.

Badders123 Thu 02-Mar-17 12:38:04

Thank you
We are off to get the ct results now

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