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Advice needed on the experience of a D & C /polypectomy under local anaesthetic

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earlycomputers Wed 01-Mar-17 13:23:26

Are there any gynaecologists or patients who can advise me on how painful a hysteroscopy/polypectomy (1 polyp on uterus) and 360 degree curettage is likely to be under local anaesthetic (with paracetomol/ibruprofen? Is it agonising/bearable/tolerable/mild? I have had 3 kids and am pre-menopause, whether that's relevant or not. Not interested in hearing about people's experiences under general anaesthetic or spinal block etc - only local anaesthetic (with painkillers). I have various reasons for wating this procedure done under local, but just wanted to know what I am letting myself in for. Thanks!

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