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Mammogram - Return for further tests

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user1488329335 Wed 01-Mar-17 00:53:25


First time on this site and personally not a mum or female but hope it's still allowed.

Mum had breast cancer at 36 (10 years ago) and after 3 operations and a breast reconstruction thankfully made it and has been fine since. She had her yearly mammogram on the other breast last week and today we've received a letter with an appointment for Thursday for further tests and another mammogram and ultrasound.

We are really nervous and anxious. Just really worried incase she has cancer again. Not 100% sure why I've posted but hope everything is all fine on Thursday but we're worried sick.

babyboomersrock Wed 01-Mar-17 11:51:16

Hi - just letting you know I'll be thinking about you and your mother tomorrow and hoping all is well. There are loads of people on here in similar situations - your post won't have been ignored; it's just that not everyone looks in the health section.

They'll be taking no chances with your mum's health - I hope it isn't a recurrence but remember that even if it is, they've most likely detected it early and that treatment options are improving all the time.

Take care flowers

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