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Just Found Out......

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kid Fri 25-Jun-04 21:51:31

that DH's nan has lung cancer. Me and hubby have been together for 12 years so she is just like my nan. We are just in shock at the moment, she is kust like super gran, totally invincible. I really don't know how to act towards her or what to say. She didn't want any of us to know but her son told us anyway. I don't know what to say to DH or his mum. I feel really sad but just haven't been able to cry at all. The hospital are going to do lazer treatment and if that doesn't work after 3 months then they are talking about removing part of her lung. This is just so terrible, I don't even know how to tell DD (5)

Yorkiegirl Fri 25-Jun-04 22:11:34

Message withdrawn

kid Fri 25-Jun-04 22:16:15

thanks Yorkiegirl, I expect nobody will know what to say but I just needed to get it off my chest. It is going to be a very difficult time for us I think

maomao Fri 25-Jun-04 22:20:45

Oh kid, I'm so sorry to hear the news. I'm sorry I haven't any advice for you, but wanted to send you some hugs....

prufrock Fri 25-Jun-04 23:08:49

I'm so sorry kid - My Grandma died last week and nobody really seemed to care (not directed at Mumsnetters at all) my brother was questioned as to why he needed to take morethan one day off from his new job! People seem to not be able to realise that Grandparents (and grandparents in law) are very special people.
I really hope she comes through this - my dad had 2/3rds of his lung removed 12 years ago and is now absolutely fine, so it's not always so terrible.

kid Fri 25-Jun-04 23:13:10

thanks Prufrock, that is very reasurring. I know that at times like this people don't know what to say to help so they just avoid you. But in reality, its so nice that people care that you are sad and even when they offer a hug or to listen thats all you need.

Marina Mon 28-Jun-04 09:05:33

Kid, very sorry to hear your news. You can get useful advice and support from BACUP . They are so good at helping family deal with a cancer diagnosis. As Prufrock says, although lung cancer sounds a particularly scary diagnosis, it is possible to live with it for many years.
I could not agree more, Prufrock. When my much-loved and wonderful uncle died some years ago I had to take leave to attend his funeral and support my parents, who were very close to him. I was told this was because "people abuse compassionate leave" .
So sorry to hear about your grandma's death.

kid Mon 04-Apr-05 22:38:27

I remembered this post the other day and thought I'd bring it up again.

After further tests, it turned out that she does have a type of lung cancer but it is right at the back of her lung and is very slow growing and non aggresive!

The 'tumour' they originally saw turned out to be scar tissue, but if this hadn't been detected then the small tumour would have gone un-noticed. They have reassured her that she will die of old age before the cancer kills her. I'm sure they didn't quite say it like that but that was her version!

She has to go back in June to see if there is any change in the size of the tumour.

trefusis Mon 04-Apr-05 22:42:19

Message withdrawn

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