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Implantable lenses to fix longsightedness.

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I am long sighted and need reading glasses - it's bad enough that I now can't read normal print without my reading glasses - it is totally blurred.

I have found out that you can have lenses implanted in your eye (either over your existing lens or replacing it - I am not sure) that restore your vision to near perfect. I am tempted by this - I hate having to wear glasses to read, and would love to have normal vision back again - but have worries about it too.

So do any of you have either knowledge or experience of these? Do they go wrong, and if they do, does that damage your sight more? How well do they work - I would love to be able to read without glasses, and to be rid of the worry that I will forget them or they will break, and I will be unable to read something I need to read, or entertain myself with a book.

Is this a really daft idea, and should I just carry on using the glasses?

underneaththeash Tue 28-Feb-17 21:59:16

I'm an optom and a big fan of laser surgery, but the results for the implantable lenses are not great....yet. They ARE better than they used to be, which is encouraging.

Because you go deeper into the eye, there is also a higher risk of endophalmitis, a devastating eye infection. There is also a fairly high risk of CMO, especially the sub-clinical form.

I'd watch and wait for a few years.

Thanks - I will!

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