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Give me the lowdown on dental implants...

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dustyanswer Tue 28-Feb-17 17:08:29

I have a maryland bridge replacing a front tooth (the one between my canine and central front teeth). It's been ok but has now fallen out twice in a couple of years. The dentist glued it back in again last week but it's loose already (he sawed off one of the 'wings' saying this would be more stable but I think in retrospect this was a mistake). It's driving me nuts as it's moving about and irritating my gum, as well as never knowing if/when it's going to fall out again. I don't want a crown-type bridge as this would involve shaving down 2 of the best teeth I have. Only alternative is an implant but the thought of the procedure is freaking me out, never mind the cost. Can anyone provide me with advice/info/comfort? Also what should it cost ? And can anyone recommend a good dentist (N1, N5 sort of area). My dentist is nice but I'm not sure I always trust his judgement (see above).

dustyanswer Tue 28-Feb-17 17:47:40


ExConstance Thu 02-Mar-17 16:17:15

I had two implants 3 years ago to replace one lost years before but covered by a bridge tooth attached to the next one along - UL 2 &3.
I could not afford what the implant specialist who visited my usual dentist charged so although I live near Gloucester I decided to try the Brighton Implant Centre in Church Road hove as they had lots of good testimonials and were much less expensive. They do very little dental work except implants. it all went very smoothly - though as I had several visits the travel and hotel costs were quite expensive. Although the brochure spells out the worst case scenario which involved black eyes etc. and I was very frightened the actual procedure was not too unpleasant, no more so than an apicectomy or root canal. They fitted temporary crowns to the implants in the afternoon and we were actually sent out for lunch, which I did eat quite well. The final bill was a couple of hundred pounds less than I had been quoted as there was more bone than forecast under the original missing tooth and therefore the procedure was smoother. I think their costs start at about a thousand pounds a tooth. 4 years on my teeth look great and are fully functioning. The gum line looked terrible when it was full of stitches but once they were out it is better than some of my own teeth. I suspect I'll need to go back at some time in the future as I have two more bridges that could fail at some point. They do offer sedation if you think you need it but honestly I don't think it is necessary.

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