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Runtoyou Mon 27-Feb-17 19:33:24

I feel quite irritated after having a telephone conversation with a doctor at my surgery and so I'm interested in your views, experiences and feedback really.

I have been taking Elleste Duet HRT for thirteen months now. I feel really well on it. I'm 49. Prior to taking it I tried natural remedies for the menopause, later progressing to oestrogen gel. However eventually neither stopped the night sweats and insomnia which left me exhausted and barely able to function. HRT has made me feel much better. I'm aware that there are risks in taking it, but I weighed everything up and decided quality of life was very important to me.

Anyway finally getting to the point; I get HRT on prescription but it's not on repeat so when I run out I have to talk to a doctor to get more. I usually get asked usual health questions such as Do I check my breasts? (I do and have a yearly mammogram), told I may need a blood pressure check, asked about side effects. All perfectly reasonable health questions even though I feel I'm having to jump through hoops. Tonight the male doctor I spoke to asked if I had thought about weaning off it. WTF?! Why does he feel the need to ask this? I explained I had no good reason for weaning off. As well as pointing out how well I feel, I also told him a recent bone scan I had had revealed some bone thinning in my lower spine. Surely a very good reason to stay on it.

Sorry this is so long but why is it so difficult to talk to a GP with proper knowledge of HRT? Sadly the lovely GP that originally offered it to me has just retired.

PollyPerky Mon 27-Feb-17 21:59:38

answered under your post in the meno forum.

befairdontjudge Thu 02-Mar-17 00:24:10

Replied on your Meno forum post and.PMed you

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