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Sprained ankle and breathing issues?

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TheEmmaDilemma Mon 27-Feb-17 17:00:33

Not sure if there is any possibility of these being related?

On 14th Feb, I sprained my ankle and slightly tore a ligament in my foot (per the walk in (haha) clinic on the 23rd when it didn't seem to be getting better.

It's now feeling a lot better but I feel like there is a massvie pressure on my chest. Like someone is restricting it. Possibly around before the sprain but not so bad?

Is it possibly related? Could a blood clot or something like that be possible? Or just badly timed two illnesses?

Crumbs1 Mon 27-Feb-17 17:09:15

You need to see a doctor. Lack of mobility can lead to clots. Go to A and E.

Secretsquirrel252 Mon 27-Feb-17 17:10:58

Do you have asthma? Have you been taking ibuprofen?

Cocolepew Mon 27-Feb-17 17:11:40

Definitely go to A&E in case its a clot .

TheEmmaDilemma Mon 27-Feb-17 17:34:50

Ok thanks. I guessed that was going to be the response.

Crap. Another walk in tomorrow then...

TheEmmaDilemma Mon 27-Feb-17 17:37:14

No Asthma. But previous lung problems. ICU around 20 years ago with pneumonia. Still (yes I know) a smoker but reduced massively.

It's also causing what feels like high heart rate and heart burn.

TheEmmaDilemma Mon 27-Feb-17 17:38:15

Taking ibuprofen. Well, I was.

welshmist Mon 27-Feb-17 17:41:36

It could be your vagus nerve causing the high heart rate because of the heartburn, acid reflux. Best to get it checked out asap.

Secretsquirrel252 Wed 01-Mar-17 20:32:35

Are you ok? Did you get checked out?

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